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Sunday, March 27, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Dear Producer,

We’re working on another holiday for you. This time it is Easter. Donations are always down for Easter and, so far, tomorrow looks no different. Please help bolster tomorrow’s show, which promises to be great because of the fascinating news stories this week. Click here to contribute any amount whatsoever knowing every bit helps.
Birthday Redux
You can also wish me a Happy Birthday with a 4-5-16 birthday donation to the No Agenda Show.That would be the ideal gift.

I’m also going to send out an email to you New Yorkers who may want to meet up while I’m in Manhattan next weekend untilApril 6. I’ll also tweet the details @therealdvorak.
Tomorrow the show will discuss the unreported massive gatherings for Bernie Sanders in the Pacific Northwest. The news media has blacked out these events and you will learn why.
Here is a pic of Sanders filling the Moda Center in Portland this week. The capacity is 20,000. There were 20,000 or more who could not get in. I'm told he filled Safeco up in Seattle too. These ridiculous crowds are actually downplayed on National TV.

The reason is obvious and you will hear about it tomorrow. Nobody will analyze this like yourNo Agenda Show.
No Agenda covers the action in Europe better than any new analysis show in the world and you’ll love tomorrow. Adam has uncovered for you yet another gem of a news item, oddity not reported elsewhere.

Make sure to listen to the show tomorrow. And thanks for the much needed continued support.

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