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Sunday, March 13, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo


Dear Producer,

Make a note that while tomorrow’s show will take place at the usual time, the usual time is moved to Daylight Savings time in the USA. Also, on Monday we celebrate Pi Day which nails it as 3-14-16. The show welcomes any Pi Day contribution of $314.16 with a special call out and an Executive producership.

Other opportunities for you include the special show 807 contribution of 80.07 as well as the upcoming show 808 with the $80.08 massively lucky donation
Everyone knows that you can contribute any variation you want by clicking here.
Tomorrow you can expect a discussion about recent disinformation and political dirty tricks campaigns which appear to be cropping up. First there is the odd Hillary-centric compliments regarding Nancy Reagan’s support of AIDS charities which was never actually done. Let’s look at what that was about. Not what you think.

And we now have violence breaking out in and around the large Trump rallies. How many of these are dirty tricks to smear the trump supporters?

There is a lot going on and it is generally believed that Trump will actually be the nominee if he wins both the Ohio and the Florida primaries. The show explores these theories tomorrow.
This is all great material for you. There is no other show that gives you this kind of unique and realistic perspective. A perspective that you can use. Valuable analysis you need. Make sure it stays alive. Visit the support page today for some good ideas.


PS. For those of you who want to celebrate Pi, but at a lower level, you can still do the "piece of pi" contribution of $31.41 byclicking here.
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