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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Big Brother Canada Update

It's been another week and things are definitely getting exciting in the house, which is a good thing because I personally was a little shocked to see no real drama with these two International players added. With Kelsey being evicted first and then learning she would have a chance at getting back in I just knew when the double eviction happened, that the second evictee would be Loveita and it was!  This is so typical in the game of Big Brother, how the tides will turn each week.  The surprise for me was when Maddy actually did something and won the HOH and then made the back door move like she did, to place Loveita on the block.  During this week's "Side Show" it was brought up how her 21 year old "immaturity" will likely be her demise and we could see Maddy going out next week. With both Sarah and Peter agreeing it was a little too early to be going against one of your own for eviction when she elected to place Loveita on the block and I would agree with them.  It was a great move however, as there is no question Loveita was playing way too hard. She has/had HOHitus, winning twice and then living in there during Joel's win. As well, no matter what Joel says that it was HIS choice to nominate two of the 'three headed snake'.. that being said it was quite apparent Loveita's words had sunk in. If he was actually thinking for himself he would realize there was an even larger snake in the fact that Maddy, Dallas and the brothers, as well as Ramsey were a larger number even though they may not have been as close... the fact that Maddy did what she did shows she is playing her own game.  

With this new 'secret room' and the 5th feed which has us feeders able to keep tabs on the two, I must say this is where I have been hanging out a lot. The fact that the two people were working against each other and now can share their true thoughts and feelings about the game, since they know only one will be going back. It most definitely works best for Jared since Loveita will be an ally if it ends up being her that goes back. Now that she knows what Kelsey knows. If it is Kelsey that goes back then Jared is going to be extremely pleased to have his partner in the game back in. Although that would also place the target squarely on his back and take the heat off of the brothers for example, it would give them another number. Not to mention the fact that Kelsey would also have all the information that was in Loveita's head.  

This secret room--great idea Big Brother, but why would you not bother to put a small bathroom in there? What a joke that they have to be escorted to a bathroom outside of the room. It makes me think this was more of an afterthought than a planned part of the game. Either that or it was an afterthought but after the house had been re-structured. Either way it is pretty tacky. And while I'm talking about production, what's with the 'locked out' wording?  "Big Brother never sleeps...go upstairs, grab a snack, take a shower".. "go upstairs?"  so does that mean Big Brother figures all the feeders are children that are stuck in the basement with their computer? Strange..   Anyway just something that made me go hmmm.

Being able to watch the feeds using the Big Brother Viewer is so much better than the website version. Giving you the ability to go back, etc. The only problem with it, is each camera feed is not in sync when you do go back so you are stuck watching/fast forward/rewind one feed at a time.  It is nice to see the two girls do get to hear the feeds every once in a while and not just stuck watching inside without hearing what is being said. Of course it does make sense as it would be a totally unfair advantage for them going back in, knowing what is being said but at least they do get to see who is talking to whom.  It's a great idea and I hope this becomes a permanent feature because it will give each houseguest the knowledge to know they may not be completely gone, as well it provides the remaining houseguests the knowledge that they may be watched by those coming back in. Although I believe most houseguests forget about who might be watching after a while.

Now, with the Aussie winning HOH this week, it should be interesting to see who he places on the block. So far this has not happened but I believe the nominations will be later today (Saturday). I think Maddy will be one and probably Dallas as I believe Tim would see this as 'tit for tat' when Raul and Kelsey were put up together and now it is time for two from the 'other side' to be put up together.  The problem for Tim doing this would be he is being depicted as being with Jared's side of the house. With Tim voting to evict Cassandra was only because he knew the numbers were there for her to stay, he wanted to not only stir up the pot but make the votes look more even. Tim may decide to go with Maddy and Ramsey or Mitch as they are people that may be in the middle.. hard to say with Tim.

With regards to the rest of the houseguests-the drama has subsided now that Loveita isn't there and that is a good thing but it should start up again once the nominations have been placed.