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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

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The Primaries Drag on.
NA Makes it Interesting

No Agenda Thursday Show

The compromised corporate media is befuddled.


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Tomorrow, your No Agenda Show will deconstruct the “Super Tuesday” primaries. What did you learn? Also you get a revisit to the crumbling EU with an update on the refugee crises that affects everyone, everywhere. Plus Adam has uncoveredsomething big regarding Apple versus the FBI.
Please continue to the support the show. As a bonus here are some of the funnier pics that have appeared on Twitter and elsewhere. Enjoy.
Insofar as photos go, this is a gem. Unsure of the source. But was uncovered by Bill Maher who is fascinated by Trump. The woman and baby is priceless.
Where has this goofy look been hiding?
Bored pro photographers are always looking to line up shots like this one of Mugabe.
We'd be living in a different world if train technology had gone in this direction.
Election Campaigns were different in the 1950's
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