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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Big Brother Canada Update

I haven't really posted much this season as I simply haven't found myself overly enthused. The cast... well maybe they aren't as good as previous years but by adding the Brit and the Aussie has probably helped. Although the brother "twist" doesn't seem to be doing too much to tweak my interest. Nikki has been a bust as far as I am concerned. No big tantrums, other than the one early on in the season. She is wallpaper other then that. When the camera is on her during the network shows you see her ALWAYS pouting. During the one POV comp she was involved in (the mouse maze), she was tired and sleepy and even stopped and just layed there for a period of time, stating "I wish someone would just win already".. how pathetic.  Who wants that in a house which is already starving for attention and things to do?!  Tim hasn't been the rambunctious guy from his preview videos either but then again he is a guest and it would seem about right to be a little less roudy. He is also an experienced player and a winner of the game, not to mention he is one of (or is?) the oldest player still in the house.

With Maddy winning HOH last week, it was no surprise she put up Kelsey and Jared. This girl hates other women and is desperate to be the only one left--to get all of the attention. Now that she is hooked up with Ramsey, she feels like she is invincible with whatever she decides to so, even though Ramsey's input could have been beneficial to her, she refused to use it and nominated her own way.  As a result of Jared winning the POV which was basically handed to him by Raul and Kelsey who were also playing (but obviously not to win), Maddy put up Raul as a replacement.  Note he also was on his last puzzle piece and could have just as easily won the POV, which would have saved his alliance completely--most likely--if he were to take Jared off and a replacement put up, that replacement would likely have gone home since Jared's side would have likely had the numbers. But regardless, now that Raul was the replacement it was inevitable that he would be the one going home--and was!

A new week but this time, no HOH comp.. or not really, as "Canada Choose" and the top two were picked to see who would win by a total chance roulette wheel.  The Brothers and Nikki were chosen and the end result were the Brothers for the win.   Talk was pretty immediate at this point, about who would be going on the block... one brother (Phil) wanted to put up Kelsey and Jerad (do these HG not understand there are other people to put on the block that would actually help there game?) I'm really sick of this back and forth to get out the supposed 'three headed snake" even though there are people like Tim, Nikki, Casandra and Joel who are skating to the end.  The thing is, Nick was on board to nominate Ramsey and Maddy..basically the other side of the house. But since the two brothers had decided earlier that Phil would be the ultimate HOH and live in the room/bed, it was up to him. The thing is Nick is older than Phil and because Phil came in to the house after Nick--essentially feeling like it was his game to lose for his brother for coming through the front door after him, he choose Maddy and Ramsey.   The POV comp is now over.. the players were Kelsey, Nikki and Tim, along with Ramsey and Maddy and Phil (HOH)... Obviously you can dismiss Nikki to help out and since Kelsey didn't want to be a replacement, she was playing to save herself but other then that it was Ramsey and Maddy to fight for it.. Ramsey ends up the winner and so there is a good chance Kelsey will be the replacement, since Nick knows in order to work with Jared, who he truly wants to get closer to, it can't be done with Kelsey still in the house.. on the other hand, placing her as the replacement will piss of Jared and have him not ever working with them. The thing is, it isn't a sure thing she would be going home.. and Maddy would be the true target, likely heading home anyway, but who knows.. the fact that Kelsey has already been voted out once, most HG don't like returning players to get that second chance.  But these HG are pretty dumb when it comes to game play (not counting Tim) and don't realize there is still quite a bit of game and players  left. What they should be thinking about is a double eviction coming soon. Now that everyone left has made it to jury, nobody wants to be the next one to leave, even though Mitch and now Raul are already there. Side note, I'm sure the two of them in Jury will be enjoying themselves as Raul truly was falling for Mitch, even though Mitch has a partner back home. No cameras in jury so who knows!

The feeds this year have been a joke, by this I mean how often they have been done. I know they are free and have always been free, but it seems like BBCan has taken a lot of queues from CBS and BBUSA and don't give a shit about the feeders.  During the POV competition for example which was a timed event which Ramsey finished in 1 minute, the seven house guests probably had at least 10 to 15 minutes each to complete, which should take the feeds down for two or three hours.. nope.. they were down for SEVEN HOURS!  No reason for this..  Last week on the Thursday show when they started playing for HOH (when Maddy ended up winning) the live TV audience only got to see the first few questions and then we were told to 'tune in Sunday for the HOH results' of course the feeders would know who won shortly after the broadcast was over... nope, wrong.. we waited much longer and only because they seriously don't care about the feed.   This is truly giving the show a bad taste in my mouth as I have watched from season 1 of BBUSA and have always felt that the first 3 seasons of BBCan were so much better than all of those put together.. season 4 however, not so much.. it seems they are falling in to the same bad path that BBUSA has... time to WAKE UP CANADA!