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Sunday, April 10, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo


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Dear Producer,

After the birthday, the NYC meet up, and the ribald tales, it looks like many of you have realized that your only trustworthy source of news analysis is your No Agenda Show. And it’s yours because you pay to get it produced. There is nobody else but you.

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On tomorrow’s show you will get a follow-up dose of the Panama Papers coverage.Don’t miss that. You can be sure there is a surprise for you.
Now enjoy a new collection of Hillary pics beginning with the most flattering to some of the least flattering.
This is the latest pic of Hillary going around and is supposedly from Bill's first Presidential campaign and from around 1992. This really looks earlier to me, perhaps during a Governor's race. Hillary in 1992-93 was known for her hair dowdy headband. This pic made her look like a serious beauty. What went wrong?
This is a documented 1992 pic of Hillary with the headband.
Both Trump and Sanders are older than Hillary, but she looks older and more tired than the other two. She got very old in 23 years. To me, this lends credence to the back story that she has some illness. Maybe it is just bad genes. Who knows?
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