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Friday, April 29, 2016

Big Brother Canada Update

With this week being another double eviction, it was nice to see the 'live broadcast' become somewhat of a clusterF when the dumb brothers couldn't decide on a replacement nomination. Maybe next time Big Brother will think twice about having a sibling working as one in the game. 

Cassandra was completely predictable when she 'promised' not to use the Veto, should she win (during the commercial break) however when she actually did win, it didn't take her long to remove her closest friend in the house, Aussie-Tim.  I would have to say the best part of the night was Nikki FINALLY getting the boot. Sure, it was her birthday but that is just another day and why not have a special day you will never forget anyway. Nikki was a joke throughout this game.. pouting all the time, not wanting to take part in any competition.. I really don't get how others stated she was so 'entertaining'. The fact that the brothers made a stand and wanting the BB Canada game to remain a Canadian game by placing the International players on the block but so far Tim is still a potential second place winner as I don't believe the jury would vote for him to win, keeping it in Canada. Tim has been quite entertaining, if not annoying at times-always having something to say.  

I was quite shocked to see Kelsey vote to evict her BF Jared but believe they had discussed this (maybe not?) as they figured Joel would not vote to keep and then knowing Cassandra would have the deciding vote, which they simply did not want to happen and this way it would not matter-but would not give Cassandra the satisfaction of being the one to send Jared home, other than from her HOH itself.  The fact that Cassandra won the POV and then used it to save Tim, she was so excited by this, that during the vote to send Nikki home, she had to get her two cents in before giving her Nikki vote--pathetic.  I can only hope at this point that Kelsey does get some revenge by making it to the end.. it would be a first, that a player who had been evicted and returned to get to the end--and win.. if that were to be the case, which I do believe would happen over Cassandra or Tim.

But let us not forget the brothers are STILL in the game.. they are so cocky, thinking they are actually good players--yet they have only had to play half a game so when one does win an HOH or POV competition it is only because the other has had the week off. It was quite apparent that two heads are NOT better than one, when they elected to place themselves on the block--WHEN THEY WERE THE HOH!  Unfortunately Arissa second guessed them, asking "are you sure?" which allowed Kelsey to shout some sense in to them as they nominated Joel.  I really don't get it since whomever they were to put up as the replacement would be going up against Nikki who was sure to go home anyway. The brothers are just that dumb!

So where are things going from here?  Joel is such an awkward guy but is a sure win, should he get that far. If it were me, Joel would be the one I would want to get out next otherwise it is likely going to be too late.  Tim and Joel would be a likely nomination selection. Either that or the Brothers and Tim, expecting one of them to win POV and then place Joel as the replacement, which even though he probably doesn't need to be back-doored, it would give less of a chance for any questioning whether sending Joel home over Tim would be the right move.. and knowing Joel was up against Tim, it would likely be the only way Tim might go home too!

Spoiler time--although the feeds have made it obvious who is the new HOH, the Television program for Sunday will only reveal that KELSEY won HOH which means there is a good chance Tim and Cassandra will be on the block.. with Joel as the back door. I don't think Kelsey will put up Joel off the start however it is possible that Cassandra and Joel would go up because there is a lesser chance that one of them would win the POV.. at this point it should not matter, so long as Cassandra doesn't win POV, she will be the next likely jury member.