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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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European UnionDoomed!
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No Agenda Thursday Show

Now Italy joins the Euro-Skeptics

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You’ll find that No Agenda, when you look back on things, is the only podcast that openly predicts an EU civil war, which remains a possibility, as Europe promotes having its own army to replace NATO. No other media outlet has followed this to any extent
And now Italy is on the verge of bolting the EU. From the very beginning of the Eurozone within the EU, Italy never converted its Lira correctly and has suffered ever since, especially as a tourist attraction. It’s now fighting over everything while being inundated with migrants who need financial servicing.

If Italy can manage to leave the Eurozone and return to its own currency, chaos will be the result. The entire European experiment is beginning to fail and will continue to do so. No Agenda will be on top of this to minimize the surprises ahead.
This function itself is one reason why the show is so important to you and the other producers. There is no way any of this can be accurately reported without your support. Corporate support in the form of advertising sponsorship and underwriting is often provided by multinational corporations which do not want to sponsor a show like No Agenda.

All shows that are corporate financed are required by agreement or unspoken rule to reflect the values and ideals of the company doing the sponsorship. In other words the show is produced for the advertiser. The audience is provided to the advertiser as the true product which the advertiser can then “use.”
As the show discussed the fact that Warren Buffet's BNSF would suffer the most from the Dakota Access pipeline, the PBS Newshour shows its website on the broadcast. Confirmation that getting honest analysis from corporate-sponsored media is impossible.
You need to remember this when you listen to a show where commercials are used to pay for the show. This is a mechanism that is most common but will not allow for a No Agenda type of analysis. It’s never going to happen. So support the show today by contributing any amount you can afford by clicking here. And compare our 6 hours a week of news, analysis and entertainment with the costs of movies, books, pay-per-view, anything.
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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Other fun pics
Screenshot from TV newscast showing some of the supposed fake news sites. Someone decided to add ABC News (at top) to the graphics.
Dream date.
Kind of interesting.
Sothern California beach in the good old days.
Psychological warfare? Yeah, this will do the trick.
The Titanic compared to a modern cruise ship.
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