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Sunday, December 25, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Merry No Agenda Christmas

Dear Producers,
As your No Agenda Show wraps up a tremendous year of news deconstruction and astonishing revelations, we want to thank all the producers of the show whether you gave $5 or $1000 or anything at all. When put together you all helped produce the best podcast in the universe.

A special Merry Christmas goes to the entire roundtable of Knights, Barons and Dukes and everyone in-between, above and below. You kept the show going strong, you got out the word and helped grow the show especially during a divisive downturn caused by the election. 2017 is the year we re-build an audience.
Tomorrow is a very special show as we take a day off, it being Christmas Day, when people are gathered with family, eating Chinese, or watching football. In other words, No Agenda is not of primary importance.

That said, Sir Ramsey Cain, will produce one of his masterful clip shows with all new material. He has not done a highlight show for a few years and they are great.
The show will return live the following Thursday and will continue with a new show on New Year’s Day when we will be working once again -- on a Holiday.

Please wish the show a Merry Christmas with a holiday gift for the show by contributing any amount by clicking here. This tells us that is OK by you if we take one day off once in a while.

Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS John will be at the Monday meet-up in the LA Area. This begins at 5:30 at Citizen - Beverly Hills, 184 N. Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 on the “patio.” A lot of you like to donate at these meet-ups and we want to remind you of the protocol of enclosing any donation in an envelope with a note included.

PPS Mimi and John will be entertaining the entire family and grandkids at Disneyland on Sunday. Say “In the morning” if you see them.
Photo Gallery. Interpretations of Santa Claus
This appears to be from the 1920's when, apparently, Santa got the car bug and delivered by automobile.
Here Santa uses an extremely small Zeppelin.
This little girl does not need any more candy.
This Santa, trimmed in mink, seems to have given up on the chimney idea.
In some parts of the world there seems to be a propensity for children to pickpocket Santa while distracting him (lower left), jump the guy (lower right) or just grab at him. The upper left pic is actually a burglar
This Santa, trimmed in green and trudging in the snow with a wicker basket, does not seem like a happy camper. I'm guessing French.
This Coca-Cola Santa doesn't seem to notice that his escape route -- the fireplace -- has a roaring fire going on. Which begs the question: how did he get in the house in the first place?
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