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Sunday, December 4, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producers,
The reason for doing No Agenda for years and years is to satisfy an audience (you, the producers) who would like to get the real facts and backgrounders about important news items. The mainstream media is so corrupted by the influence of advertisers and their corporate sponsors that the major media institutions withhold information. This is information that you might need for survival or to make smart decisions.Valuable information.

In many instances the mainstream media makes every news story look like a cover-up.

Here’s a story
 that was rolled out today on the new uniforms now worn by American Airlines personnel. It tells you nothing. The uniforms are making people sick. In the article no work is done on what the cause might be. Worse, there is no indication as to who or where the uniforms were manufactured. China? Taiwan? India? USA? Canada? Brazil?
"One look" apparently includes hives and itchy skin.
It could be an isolated incident, but I’m reminded of the scandal over toxic flooring sold by Lumber Liquidators, Home Depot and elsewhere. This was also poorly reported.

Over the years, the media has pulled back from the basic who, what, where, when and why. It’s become a what, where and when world with a bit of who and zero why. No Agenda does more than provide the who and the why but often the “how” plus other ‘who” folks lurking in the background.
This gives you No Agenda producers a leg up on people less informed. You are less nervous than your TV watching friends who do not listen to No Agenda.

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Sincerely and thanks,

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