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Thursday, December 22, 2016

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No Agenda Thursday Show

Did anyone notice that Native Advertising IS Fake news?

Dear Producer,
Tomorrow is show 888 which coincides with a lot of news items from assassinations to a predictable attack on a Christmas market to Hillary losing more Electoral votes than did Trump.

Meanwhile, the influence peddlers, the PR folks, the advertising crowd and especially the native advertising mavens are crowing like crazy about their accomplishments in 2016. Did you know that according to eMarketer, “native ad spending will grow at double-digit rates for several years, reaching $36.3 billion by 2021?”

Native advertising is fake news. If you are worried about fake news look no further than the native advertising trend. This is the root of it.
Only your No Agenda Show fights off these bad trends and brings real news and true news analysis because there is no advertising whatsoever and thus no native advertising. You must support No Agenda as one of the last bastions of honesty. It is that simple. The commercial and corporate news sources are simply not honest. They are corrupted by the modern advertising system that allows the power of the large advertiser to control the message.

And with the emergence of native advertising they do not even have to fool around arguing anymore.

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Let’s make show 888 the lucky show for everyone.
Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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