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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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2017 is here with new threats to your sanity
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No Agenda Thursday Show

2017 the year of Malinformation

Dear Producer,
2017 will be the most important year for the No Agenda Show because the election of Donald Trump has set off more mechanisms than either of us have ever witnessed. These are mechanisms of disinformation, misinformation and something yet to be discussed and what you can describe as malinformation.

Malinformation is exactly what it sounds like. It fits in with malware, malpractice, malevolent.  The origins of the prefix are outlined at
Word Origin and History for mal-
word-forming element meaning "bad, badly, ill, poorly, wrong, wrongly," from French mal (adv.), from Old French mal (adj., adv.) "evil, ill, wrong, wrongly" (9c.), from Latin male (adv.) "badly," or malus (adj.) "bad, evil" (fem. mala, neuter malum), of unknown origin, perhaps related to Avestan mairiia "treacherous." Most Modern English words with this prefix are 19c. coinages.
Unfortunately, the mainstream media will allow malinformation to propagate on the Internet until it affects public opinion. One of many examples of this is the neo flat-earth movement which has gone far beyond any sort of college prank and into intense discussions and screwball rigged documentation.

One of a hundred YouTube presentations shows a rocket bouncing off the supposed “dome” above us. You should look at the many presentation on YouTube by simply typing in “Flat Earth” into the search box.
The purpose of this malinformation has not been revealed unless someone is developing a gullibility index of the American public. An attempt will be made to associate this thinking with global warming skepticism (although it should logically be associated with the dubious global warming thesis itself) and perhaps somehow be associated with Donald Trump.

When President Obama first called out members of the public for being flat-earthers (which was documented on the show), you should have sensed something was up because the notion was moribund for hundreds of years. So what is the point of reviving it? To confuse matters? Why?
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Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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The good news about the flat earth phenomenon is that there are some very entertaining maps and ideas you can throw out at parties, just to be a dick about all this. Perhaps No Agenda should publish an "official" flat earth map for hanging on the wall.
A good example of using the flat-earth idiocy as an association mechanism for the purpose of ridicule and marginalization of real concerns.
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