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Saturday, January 28, 2017

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Consider what you get from No Agenda on a monthly basis and compare it to the commercial riddled fare on radio and TV. For every two minutes of information or entertainment there is one minute of commercial interruptions. Buy this, buy that. Go here, go there. Ask your doctor if this is right for you?

And, worse, the advertisers affect the content. This is why news stories about mass shootings never address the mere idea that the shooter was strung out on some prescription medication. Support No Agenda if you want unadulterated information.
Leaner Report Update Coming
On another note, I will be re-doing the Leaner Report in the weeks ahead to reflect the worldview of the media. The anti-Trump bias of the media is not about Trump. It’s about the pitched battle between the New World Order and one world government versus sovereignty and nationalism. It about “no borders, no nations” versus strong borders and nations.
Essay -- The Real Reason Bernie Sanders
Received No Media Coverage
The globalist bias is promoted by the same news media that refused to cover Bernie Sanders. During the primaries, Sanders was drawing the same large audiences that Trump drew. Often Sanders was topping Trump and was an absolute phenomenon. There was scant coverage of this and was portrayed as a curiosity.

Both Sanders and Trump were both working against these onerous trade agreements and neither were on board with the one-world government trend. The public noticed that the two had a lot of similar views. That’s why Bernie got no coverage at all. Trump was over-covered because he was so casual and outrageous on the campaign trail that it was a perfect candidate to show the folly of a modern populist. Easy to mock and ridicule.

Sanders was also a populist and catching on with American youth. This aspect of the story was so dangerous to the Internationalists that it was covered as something cute. “Gee, look how the kids are warming up to grand-pa.”

Trump kept getting more popular because of media exposure of his populist ideas not so much because of Trump himself. The globalist corporate media was beside itself trying to figure this out and it began the shaming game targeting Trump. Using his unscripted off-handed remarks it was easy to cherry pick memes and one-off quotes. He hated this and that, he was a racist, a Xenophobe, sexist, and a demagogue (which was a synonym for populist, but sounds creepier).

Still nothing worked as they swung into high gear slamming him from every perspective while still ignoring Bernie.

This was always and continues to be about the elites and their desire to establish a world government and rid all the Western nations of their sovereignty. It’s not that hard to see. The beneficiaries of this would be the ultra-rich and the International corporations.

And, as an aside, it does require that the population be disarmed. Hillary used to hound Bernie about his Vermont-based pro-gun attitude.

Both Sanders and Trump were different kinds of flies in the ointment. Trump was right when he said this was probably the last chance to save the Republic.
What fascinates me personally is how a large percentage of the public were (and remain) all-in when it comes to essentially dismantling the USA in favor of a technocratic rule like that of the EU. The US, Australia, the UK, Netherlands and other great nations have been moving in that direction, unknowingly.

And that’s what the complaints about unwanted regulations are all about. Congress has handed over its law-making duties to government agencies who now write rules that become laws. And like in the EU they have gone berserk with power. This is the flaw. This globalist scheme ran too fast thinking they already won
None of this is designed to benefit the people at all. It is a system to control you.
So we end up with genuine useful idiots, on social media and elsewhere, defending this ultimate slavery to an unseen technocracy. And they are vehement, hateful, and dangerous. However the school system and its milieu, trained them, and it did a great job of creating robots right under our noses.

The No Agenda Show is one place where you can make sense of these trends. This is why the sanity meme comes into play with you, the supporters. News makes sense when viewed with the big picture in mind. No Agenda makes sense. It spots the memes and the propaganda. It protects you from the onslaught of trickery designed to push you towards the globalist agenda that does not benefit you now and never will.

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Hate on Parade
Vindictive decision to poison 17 million people? Really?
The woman doing the retweeting (above) is the head of communications for the Financial Times, giving us some insight into their objectivity.
Teaching the kids love and tolerance.
Always a plus.
Future writer for the Daily Show
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