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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Trump Haters are irked Globalists?

Dear Producer,
The rift in the universe that has resulted in people seeing the same event in two opposite ways has been thoroughly established. Milieus now exist that re-enforce whichever side of reality you prefer.

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Tomorrow’s show. There’s a lot to discuss as President Trump is under unique fire from the media for just about everything he says or does. It’s quite the carnival to witness. Most of the attacks come from a globalist agenda obsessed media which is trying to weaken the office of the President in the hope of putting the country back on track to becoming a good partner in the New World Order.

One disappointment for the globalists with their cry of “no borders, no nations” is that, from the No Agenda perspective, the New World Order was designed to be governed by the USA and its corporate interests. Then this Trump character just got in the way.
This is one idea. There are many more.
Hillary was meant to be President as she best served the globalist agenda. Her commentary in Brazil was noted. There she said that she was hopeful that the entire Western Hemisphere could be one border-less community.

This sort of statement came from a woman, who while Secretary of State, wouldn’t let Brazilians get easy access to the US and they had to go through a rigorous visa-granting process because of some grudge. No Agenda will discuss the confused mind-sets of the globalists in the months ahead.

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Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Photoshop Dept.
Propaganda and fake news can take many forms. Subtle and not so subtle Photoshopped images such as the one below can have a real impact on the viewer who just sees what amounts to a gross person. That disgust merges with the "impeachment" meme to cement the connection.

When we saw the image below we were struck by the fact that we never see this angle of Trump with the triple chins. It was eventually tracked back to an indeed unflattering pic done by Jessica Kourkounis and used by Business Insider in an negative article. But it was obviously fuirther tweaked to look very bad.
The post as it appeared in Facebook
The original photo.
Besides filling out the double chin to massive proportions, the skin tone was changed to a pasty whitish pink along with a contrast adjustment to make the skin look reptilian. This not not going stop.
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