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Thursday, March 2, 2017

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Tomorrow we’ll be discussing the Oscar foul up and our thoughts on the event as a whole. Then there is the Trump speech. And we’ll have a lot of world analysis with deconstructions and reviews you will not here anywhere else but on your No Agenda Show.

Then there are these rude floats seen at the Dusseldorf Carnival. With Oktoberfest and other holidays, you may find it odd that the Germans would have a version of Carnival or Mardi Gras, but they do and it is very political.
Rude German Float Pics 2017
Of course, they must run down President Trump and promote one-world government. These floats are quite offensive to Americans and you should wonder what mechanism promoted it.
Things are bad when they are showing a decapitated head like this.
Trump shown as a child, dragging Hillary by hair and feeling up Miss Liberty.
Leading the way was a float showing Trump buggering Miss Liberty.
Is this family entertainment in Germany? The next float shows Miss Liberty with his head. Women's liberation!
Teresa May is not left out with this anti-brexit float. No hard feelings?
At least everyone in the EU knows who Trump is. The disrespect is noteworthy. Try it with your own Muslim population Germany!

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