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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Mud Flats
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Spoiler alert. And if you have not listened to the last show let’s tell you that what makes renewable energy work is bankruptcy. Woo hoo.
The news cycle is currently on rinse and repeat with top officials wanting to start a war with Russia. Luckily today the UK pulled the string on Article 50 and finally initiated Brexit which everyone says they cannot un-do. Now everyone is scrambling and your No Agenda Show, which is the only news analysis source that has been closely following this for the past nine plus years will break it down from a realistic perspective.
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After some requests and on-air commentary. Here is a redux of the mudflat presentation the newsletter ran in 2015. Nothing has changed.
As you all know, the nearby mudflats have become an important part of the show as an ongoing check of the rising sea level that does not seem to be rising. I have promised to show you pics of this, so here are a few showing this mudflat/coastline along the I-580/California 12 – roadways that are only a few feet above sea level.
Here are the main mudflats used to determine the threat of the rising sea-level. This is the southernmost part of the mudflats shown on the map above. The freeway is elevated here but goes down to sea level just ahead.
A close-up of the above mudflats. Abundant bird life can be observed.
Further north (the uppermost arrow) the mudflats continue. More mudflats are up at the top on the other side of the small peninsula.
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