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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

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No Agenda Thursday Show

It's not about Trump, it's about Truth

Dear Producer,
The mediocre support of the last show paled in comparison with the support from a year earlier. Does this mean you are losing interest in No Agenda? On the last show number 913 there were a mere 29 contributions over $50 (out of the entire audience and over 16,000 people on the mailing list).

This is a grim number compared to one year earlier when 40 people within this group contributed (March 20, 2016 also a Sunday show). A year earlier in 2015 there were 37 on an otherwise slow day.

This trend tells us that the political climate is ruining support for the show. At this rate, there will be not be a No Agenda Show next year only because of lack of support.
And, yes, there are loyal supporters who have not abandoned the show thinking we are supporters of Trump. It may look that way because Trump is right about one thing: the news media is corrupted. This is led by the NYT and the WAPO. Their influence outweighs the No Agenda Show in the public consciousness and it is never-ending. Furthermore, it gets magnified by the minion media who follow their lead.

Take for example, the handshake scandal (discussed on show 913). Everyone parrots the meme that Trump refused to shake Merkel’s hand.

This is despite picture after picture of his shaking her hand. Trump did not respond to the “dance monkey boy, dance” call out of the media as if he was a starlet being directed by screaming paparazzi while posing on the red carpet at a Hollywood gala. “Shake her hand! Shake her hand,” they screamed
Trump, uncomfortable as an XXL tall man, in that odd White House photo op chair, paid no attention and this has become a big deal. Even gay Republican apologist, Andrew Sullivan, repeated the “he refused to shake her hand” meme on the Tavis Smiley Show. He also repeated the meme that Trump was mentally ill.

Not mentioned was the fact that in July of 2016 Republican Sullivan made a big to-do over the fact that he was all-in for Hillary with the motto “I’m With Her Now.” Disingenuous comes to mind.

But this nonsense comes from all directions. When you argue with someone from the Hillary side (dimension B) showing he did indeed shake her hand you get the retort. “So what? He didn’t shake her hand when he was supposed to.
By pointing out the lunacy of all this this, it is somehow supporting Trump, when in fact the opposite is true. We support reality and the truth.

It’s impossible to argue about any of this anymore and it’s depressing. It’s particularly depressing when a lot of work is put into each and every No Agenda show and a mere 29 people think enough of the effort to send in a donation of support.

And, by the way, a serious thank you goes out to the real supporters like the 29 along with those contributing under $50.

The subscriptions and lesser donations are very helpful, of course. But they are down too.
It’s understandable that half the audience has peeled off from the show and spending more time on Facebook grousing about Trump as if this obsession is a good life’s choice or healthy.

You see it on Twitter too. Please help us fight this curse. Contribute something, anything today by clicking here. No Agenda is a terrific award winning product that onlyexists with your support
Your Co-hosts,
John C Dvorak & Adam Curry
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