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Sunday, March 5, 2017

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Non-Binaries Unite!! And put on a shirt, Joe!
Tomorrow’s Show. There are no clues as to when the Donald Trump administration will be allowed to actually run the government. Now we have a wire-tapping scandal which is only a scandal because Trump even mentioned it. No Agenda is ahead of the media, again.

No Agenda listeners will note that you were first informed of the distinct possibility that the White House was bugged in January. The nature of the constant leaks indicated that it could not necessarily be pinned on some blabbermouth, but seemed more endemic. The leaks came mostly out of the Oval Office.
Like all the information in the two universes you can read these headlines two ways. Does Graham think Trump is loony? Does Graham think there is a genuine scandal? The article, in fact, straddles the possibilities.
Trump must have had a clue when his discussion with the PM of Australia was leaked to the media. Maybe not. It’s hard to believe that it took him so long to make the accusation that he was being tapped. Of course, (in Universe 2) everyone is saying he is unhinged for claiming anything of the sort.

With No Agenda the thinking is that, “Of course he is being bugged. Why wouldn’t he be?” All the elements of the war machine want him disabled.
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