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Thursday, March 16, 2017

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St. Patrick's Day &
One World Domination
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More than the usual assortment of insanity

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Tomorrow, the show looks at the mania that has dominated the news, which seems to be nuttier all the time, especially over the last four days.

This includes the assertion that Obama or one of his pals went to the British GCHQ to obtain wire tap information on Donald Trump thus bypassing the normal mechanisms of authority leaving less of a footprint. While this seems like an eye-roller, the show has discussed for years, the ease in which such information can be traded by the “Five Eyes” agencies thus bypassing specific country-by-country limitations on oversight.

None of this is a surprise to the No Agenda supporter.
Another odd news story that needs attention is the screwy Rachael Maddow revelation that Donald Trump paid a lot of taxes in 2005 revealing a couple of pages of a 2005 Donald Trump tax return. The discussion, analysis, and hand-wringing over this 11-year old document (that appeared to have been redacted) is an example of mass hysteria and a perfect example of fake news

This mania continues with guarantees by anonymous members of the Intelligence Community that “Pence will be President before year’s end.” This is the icing on the cake. This is based on some ludicrous hope that Trump will be impeached by his own party in cahoots with Pence. It’s delusional.
And these delusions, which are the result of the first real defeat of a globalist agenda (put into play after WWII) are not going away anytime soon. There seems to be some real but still unknown reason that the global agenda cannot afford to cool its heels for the next 4-8 years while Trump remains President. Obviously timing is involved. But what timing? Only No Agenda will discuss a topic like this with real news analysis.

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