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Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Spam-Don't be a Statistic!

I seriously can't say enough about this... I'm getting pretty overwhelmed by the email I am receiving from people with "computer problems" and when I check on the issues they are almost always related to clicking on something they shouldn't have.

Please read the following!

It is that time of year once again, when everyone wants to wish you seasons greetings, whether that be in the form of a simple email message that contains only text (preferred method) or by way of an attachment from some strange third party application that you first must install in order to view the video and in doing so,  you end up with all sorts of nasty malware and spyware programs.

Maybe you have the company visiting and those little rug-rats want to get on your computer and start downloading all sorts of games....

What you should be doing is paying attention to what you are doing and if that means having to put down that 2nd (or third) glass of Uncle Tom's Christmas concoction in order to have a clear head then so be it.. either that or take advantage of the computer's built in GUEST ACCOUNT and do your own web surfing from there while you are in that Christmas haze!

The last thing you want to be doing is simply clicking on that link from your great Aunt who, now that you think about it, has no clue how to use a computer so why would she be sending you something in the first place, only it is too late because you already clicked on it, kind of maneuver.

Be aware, it is at this time of year when the worst of the worst come out to take advantage of the best of the best.. and yes, that would be you!

Have a Happy Holiday season, filled with Rum Spiced Eggnog or punch (depending on what part of the world you may be enjoying it on). 

And if you do have problems.. no worries, I am always here to help!