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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Buying a new printer? Stay away from HP!

HP should be ashamed of themselves for building such crappy products.. oh sure, the printer itself may be just fine, but there is no reason for any printer to have 186MB printer drivers to install! I have actually been telling clients for years, pretty much since Windows XP that the software drivers are the real problem with HP and to stay away. Now, with Windows 10 where you simply plug in your USB cable from your printer it should just work but no, not with HP. you have to go through many layers of first uninstalling any software already installed from previous printers or from failed attempts, then be sure your device is not plugged in. All of this makes a remote installation pretty difficult I must say!   So if you are in the market for a new printer, do yourself a favour and stay away from HP.. Brother and Canon are currently my choices as best software drivers-very simple to use.. Epson is slowly becoming much like HP unfortunately. 

Oh, and with regards to that 186MB software driver.. it includes "customer service spyware" as well as "HP Support Assistant (spyware) which does nothing but slow your system down and interfere with every print job.  You will want to uninstall it once you have your printer up and running!