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Sunday, December 13, 2015

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

Applied Sociology and the MSM

Dear Producers
When many of you see staged photo ops, twisted news, publicity stunts, slanted reports and native advertising you immediately notice it. You may miss one or two things that are well constructed and orchestrated, but mostly you see the nonsense for what it is.

Much of this is because you have always been suspicious or a skeptic, but lately the media itself has formed a united front to promote harmful agendas to serve the interests of the state, the politicians, the corporations and who-knows-who-else. You are not on the list.

Only No Agenda serves you by helping you see through this nonsense. Is it possible to get through this barrage of bullshit without No Agenda?. Yes or maybe? Do you really want to  endure the never-ending state-sponsored propaganda when you can support No Agendainstead. It is no exaggeration to say that No Agenda is very important for so many people.

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All you really need to know about the media is summarized in these two pics. The top photo was what most worldwide newspapers ran after the 3 million strong Charlie Hebdo solidarity march in Paris. The bottom pic, taken from a nearby apartment, shows the staging of what appeared to be the front of a larger crowd. Few media outlets ever reported on the staged nature of the event itself. Instead they moaned about how Obama was not there.
Whatever happened to...

American society has changed a lot since it was common for US High Schools to have gun clubs. It has changed a lot since 12-year olds were commonly given .22 caliber rifles with which they’d go shoot jaybirds.

The sociology of everything oldsters remember as commonplace has been changed and it has been changed by more than the passage of time.

There has been a concerted effort of applied sociology to push us towards less liberty and freedom and more towards acceptance of one-world government of which we’d be a part. US interests might even rule the one-world government. Does that make it better?

My personal concern is with the constant eroding of Freedom of Speech. It’s a subtle incursion, but steady and constant like river erosion. It’s everywhere.

So this morning I’m listening to Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me a very odd comedy show played weekly on NPR. On today’s show they went out of their way to deride Donald Trump for no expressed reason. Everyone joined in.
In fact, extremely resentful raw hate was directed at him. A similar situation occurred during the analysis of an NBA game on the TNT network. What’s Trump got to do with basketball? Whether you support Trump or not, why the outrageous vitriol over what Trump is expressing? After all, he has not done anything? He’s just talking.

He didn’t start a bogus war over non-existent weapons in Iraq. He didn’t lie to Congress under oath. He didn’t institute torture practices and defend these practices.

People dislike Dick Cheney. But do they hate him viscerally like they hate Trump? Not really.

But all Trump did was talk. Nothing more. And there is really no evidence that he’d ever do anything but talk. But, he’s horrible and must be stopped. Stopped from what? Talking? Does anyone else see this as a free speech issue? In fact, when deconstructed, he must indeed be stopped -- from talking!

Trump is actually a foil, a lightening rod, a straw man. For what? For an actual attack of free speech. They even say he is "dangerous." Thus free speech = dangerous.

What we are witnessing is more sinister than anyone wants to imagine.
And this is a tip of the iceberg when it comes to an attack on the US Bill of Rights. It is subtle, it is applied sociology. The corporate media and its mavens such as Democracy Now and News Hour are all stooges for this overtly directed sea-change in society.Unwittingly playing along. Violinists in a large orchestra playing someone else’s song. Consider the existence of the Gun Club in high school of the past and the implications of its disappearance.

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