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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

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Everyone Knows But the American Public?

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Meanwhile, The Corporate Media is Enjoying Paris.


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On the last show it was mentioned that most of the world sees the ISIS threat as some sort of concocted scam done by the CIA and Mossad to protect Israel.Here is one pic you were promised. A typical editorial cartoon you’d find anywhere in the world but here in the USA. (Collected from EU source by producer P M VillafaƱe).

Here are a few others.
Dung Beetles cartoon found on Aletho Wordpress blog post here.
From this Baku news site reporting on an exhibition of ISIS editorial cartoons by the Iranians at a Tehran museum.
This thesis is used as a benchmark to explain other actions, especially the Russian involvement in stopping the ISIS “threat” while being snubbed by the USA for its efforts. More recently some observers believe the USA goaded the Turks into shooting down the Russian jet as a thank you to Russia for mucking up whatever grand scheme was playing out.

Everyone is convinced that the USA knows full well whether or not the Russian plane was actually in Turkey when it was attacked and could easily confirm it. Instead, the American government is not getting involved, and walking away from the matter, whistling.
Your No Agenda show looks at these issues from a logical and often International perspective unlike the calamity media known as the American press. You already know why you cannot get any real insight from that crowd. They are not serving you.
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