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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

MAXIMIZE YOUR WINDOW! [Tip-Very Basic and should be obvious]

More than half of the computers I connect to, to perform maintenance work on, I find when I go to open the web browser or other program, the window it is typically in some very small size and I am having to first maximize it.. What is wrong with you people? Take advantage of your entire screen size and MAXIMIZE your window.  It is no wonder when I am providing tech support over the phone and I am directing someone to click here or there within a website and they can't find it... it's because they are attempting to browse the internet with a much smaller viewing surface than they need to.. MAXIMIZE YOUR WINDOW.  The great thing with the Windows operating system is that it remembers each and every window size when you close it therefore if you have it maximized, the next time you open that particular program it will already be maximized.

With the monitor display sizes averaging 20 inches or more on the desktop, there is no reason not to take advantage of this.

Don't get MAXIMIZED Window confused with FULL SCREEN window as Full Screen means no taskbar at the bottom either. The only time I am going FULL SCREEN is when I am viewing photos or watching a video, otherwise MAXIMIZED is just fine as it allows you to quickly get to other tasks.  

But honestly, this is Windows 101 here.. probably the first thing you should learn when using a computer, so I am hoping this is really nothing more than a reminder on how to make your windows experience more enjoyable.. if nothing else, easier to find things on the screen!