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Saturday, October 29, 2016

$2700 for a new MacBook Pro--No. $1200 Chromebook-Absolutely!

With the latest news of Chromebooks now having the ability to run Android apps and various companies jumping on that bandwagon, the one thing I constantly see coming up is the price. I am writing this on my Chromebook Pixel 2.. the grand-daddy of the Chromebooks with the Intel i7 CPU that set me back about $1200.. My main computer before this was a 2009 MacBook Pro so when it came time for replacement I was looking at the Pixel 2 for sure, since I already owned the first gen Samsung Chromebook and then added to that with the Asus 720P (touchscreen) which was great.. not the best screen resolution but the touchscreen really did come in handy.   

The fact that these Chromebooks now run most Android apps is a serious game changer for anyone that was on the fence whether or not this was a legitimate laptop.  For me, I am pretty much online all the time (even in the air these days) so that is never a problem. I don't use the office products and only use Google docs, sheets, etc. (which can now be used offline anyway).. but when companies like DELL introduce their latest Chromebook coming in at close to $800 the reviewers are all crying about the price being too high. Google has now retired the Chromebook Pixel in anticipation of something new coming out soon to replace it, also likely in the $1200 range--why are people complaining about this when the latest MacBook Pro is topping out at $2700!?  I"m sorry but there is NO WAY I would ever spend this kind of money on a product that is sub-par in almost every way.  

Since the passing of Steve Jobs, in my opinion Apple has lost focus of the future. They have gone from a bleeding edge company to one that is in catch-up mode all the time.  With this latest launch where they are introducing the OLED touch bar--yeah big deal.. it has fingerprint security.. something that has been on the phones for a few years and has also been on many laptops before this. No touchscreen? What's with this?  Oh that's right, if you want touch screen then go buy their ipad Pro.

Don't get me wrong.. I do love the Apple products.. the longevity is great.. my first Macbook (unibody in white with the removable battery) is still going strong.. too bad the o/s can't be upgraded on that one.. I will likely turn it in to a chromebook soon!