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Saturday, October 15, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producers,
Your No Agenda Show just gets better and better as the corporate-owned news media flails and struggles to actually explain anything in a way that would give its audience any understanding whatsoever.

Lately most of the time is spent piling on Trump on behalf of the Democratic party. And you can be assured that if the candidate was anyone other than Trump this would be a similar situation. While these folks can support either party there are a couple of things to note, since these network news operations promote themselves as fair and truthful and without an agenda.

NBC admitted that it had the Billy Bush/Trump on a bus, pussygate audio/video at least a year ago. It was recorded and in the archives much longer than that. Why was it pulled out just before the second debate with Hilliary and not long before? Why not during the Republican debates?
There is no way to answer that question without saying that the entire network MSNBC, CNBC, NBC, NBCi properties, etc. is working directly or indirectly with the Democratic Party.  The network, which is licensed to broadcast by the FCC, is in many ways a public trust because of the license to broadcast. It cannot work on behalf of a single party and act as its mouthpiece.

Let’s pull their license
This will never happen because the level of corruption exhibited by the mainstream corporate-controlled media at all levels is incredible.

In the process these folks are damaging their brand and hurting the public-at-large, far-and-wide. With this in mind, on tomorrow’s show, you will hear a great NBC propaganda clip, probably written by the Lear Foundation, on one of its hit shows.
No Agenda is truly your unbiased source of news analysis that actually makes sense of the confusing news fed to the public by the big boys who only care that you watch their drug commercials

Here is a rundown of a typical ABC News show with David Muir. Most other network news shows follow a similar pattern
First of all the shows are top heavy with longer news items before you are inundated with strong and long commercial segments. Here is last Friday’s breakdown.
Deconstruction ABC Nightly News -- 10-14-16
Start:  Five story tease
A Block. Show opening. Approx 7 distinct highly produced stories including one that is a promotion for an upcoming 20/20 show. Approximately 12 -14 continuous minutes.
First commercial well consists of five 30-second spots filled by (in this order) Chantix double sized 60 second commercial. Prevagen, Miralax, Capital One Venture card.
B Block -- Return to Muir for One story for 1.5 minutes.
Second commercial well. Six 30-second spots filled by (in this order) Neulasta Chemotherapy drug (60 seconds), Beneful dog food, Ford Tire event, Phillips Colon Health, AARP supplemental insurance.
C Block -- Return to Muir for 60 seconds of short items.
Third commercial well. Five 30-second spots filled by Voya retirement planning, Humira, Alka Sletzer, Xarelto (60 second double ad)
D Block – Muir with short human interest story and close (always with a big smile).
House ads with a reiteration of the 20/20 plug from the A Block.
So of the 17 30-second advertising blocks (by my count), 11 were chewed up by pharma.

And the entire focus was for an older demographic and as you know from previous newsletters, this is the target audience so the network can sell drugs. It is not an audience that is older by accident or happenstance.

You can be certain that the news is engineered for an audience to appease the advertisers. It cannot be any clearer that this is a corrupting system.

This is not the way No Agenda operates. Please help us continue with ongoing support by clicking here and contributing any amount you can afford. Love is donating.
Sincerely and thanks,

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