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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Problem With #Quantico

It seems Quantico feels "why mess with a good thing" theory of story line/script from season 1. Although it may have worked initially, cutting back and forth from present to past, this wore pretty thin by the end of the season. For me it was way too much. Although I typically love this sort of thing, when it is done over and over and over again, it just becomes too confusing even to the avid series follower. When season two started, now with the second episode completed, I am about to give up on it.  It is one of these series I want to love like but it seems they haven't changed a thing with the back and forth time frame.  The skin scenes of Priyanka Chopra and others continue to push the envelope on Network TV but for all the wrong reasons I believe. These interspersed throughout each episode is also part of the script which is getting rather annoying.

I'm all for a TV Series sticking with a good thing, a sure thing, but with this series I think they need to mix it up a bit more than they are if they are to continue to be "watch worthy". At least in my opinion... I'm giving them one more episode before I move on.. especially since there are so many new series that look very promising.. Westworld comes to mind!