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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Why are obvious topics avoided by MSM
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No Agenda Thursday Show

Only No Agenda Discusses this. Why?


Dear Producer,

On tomorrow’s show you can expect a deep analysis of the miserable VP debate and the upcoming round two of the Presidential debate on Sunday. One thing is for sure. This is the worst Presidential campaign since Hoover versus Al Smith and that’s not close to being the worst ever
The Hoover-Smith campaign had the public convinced that Smith, the Governor of NY, was building an extension of the Holland tunnel across the Atlantic to the Vatican so he could take orders from the Pope. Enough people believed the hokum to get Hoover elected.

In hindsight this election is actually quite mild with mild accusations and mild innuendo. The back and forth between the candidates regarding temperament is borderline high-schoolish and lame. This seems to be the main point of discussion. The No Agenda Show discusses all sorts of obvious talking points that will never be addressed in any context because it might hurt someone’s feelings or seem too harsh for the skittish public-at-large.
For example there is the obvious love-affair between Hillary and Huma Abedin. Have you ever heard even a suggestion of this, especially when it somewhat explains the perverted actions of Abedin’s husband Anthony Weiner? Have you ever heard anything about this on the mainstream media? There have been momentary discussions about Abedin’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and her connections to a radical Islamist publication, but even that was short lived when it should be a serious scandal.

You’d think that if Donald Trump made these accusations in one of the debates and simply called Hillary a lesbian the way he called her a bigot, then perhaps the big corporate media folks would at least have to deflect the accusation. Bill Clinton would have to come forward and say “Hillary is not a lesbian!”

This alone would dominate the news cycle for weeks. But even Trump has not got the nerve to say such a thing. You can be assured that founding fathers Thomas Jefferson or John Adams would have said this in a heartbeat.
This is all part of a slow degradation of free speech with a kind of self-censorship that serves no one but the elites. Only your No Agenda Show bothers to discuss any of this at any level from micro to macro to meta. This is why the show is so valuable to you. Things simply make sense when they are honestly analyzed and discussed and deconstructed.

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Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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