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Saturday, October 8, 2016

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producers,
After Adam spoke at the big future of radio confab in NYC he’ll be doing the show there with a report from the Big Apple and a report from the event.

Of course you will also get a sane analysis of the 2005 Donald Trump caught on tape (how? why?) remarks about grabbing crotch. The Hillary campaigners are doing a far better job of casting Trump a bad light than the Trumpers who seem to be playing defense.

Meanwhile, and more importantly, certain generals and the State Department are threatening the entire World with WWIII. You have to remember that the Great War WWI began with less provocation than we are exhibiting today. The new head of the Joint Chiefs as well as the Army Chief of Staff seem intent on starting something big – all over Syria which we are not supposed to be involved with in the first place.
The American public has to stop this never-ending war mongering that is wasting the American taxpayer’s money. Either that or explain what we hope to accomplish.
There is a lot to discuss.

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