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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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When did the mainstream media sell out?
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Dear Producer,

The No Agenda Show, your lifeline to reality, has lost a lot of support because the hosts are perceived by a portion of the audience as supporters of Trump and opposed to Hillary. Why?

What No Agenda does is expose media corruption and this is done for you by deep research and deconstruction of the media itself. The show was the first to discover, for example, that Black Lives Matter was co-opted and now organized by one of the many George Soros operations. This is all used to promote globalism and the idea of a borderless world managed by an International coalition.

All to benefit the global elites like Soros.
Man Behind the scenes
Hillary seems to be a big part of this scheme and is more subject to getting caught up in the deconstructions than Trump -- who is the endless focus of ridicule. By pointing out the obvious slant we are seen as supporters.

The question that has not been fully answered is why the mainstream media, including well-funded websites, newspapers, and broadcasters are all so dead set on getting Hillary elected no matter what. What is she going to deliver to them?
And this easy-to-see bias extends beyond into the sphere of entertainment. No Agenda told you about the Lear Foundation and its never-ending and continuous attempts to insert core globalist or progressive messages into TV shows both drama and comedy. You would never even know this without the No Agenda Show. It is never discussed by anyone, ever.
In fact, consider this: Most of what is discussed on the No Agenda Show is never discussed elsewhere. Who would discuss it?

There are ways to kill No Agenda, and ending your direct support is at the top of the list. Right now your support is the only way the show can continue. Please contribute something today by clicking here
And even No Agenda has a problem fighting the mainstream media and its current relentless promotion of certain corporate agendas. The horrid and endless drug ads on network news being the biggest offense. These ads are not even legal in any other country.

The tentacles of these massive drug manufacturers (none of whom have done their job regarding anti-biotics and mostly abandoned research) have benefitted the most from Obamacare and corrupted mainstream media with their advertising dollars.

This is one of many reasons we ask for direct support.
Based on standard analysis of direct support everyone knows that 10-percent of you (if that many) do all the supporting while 90-percent just listen to the show and have no intention of ever helping or contributing. This is the disheartening shame of it. And it is not disheartening because you do not contribute, but because you do not understand what is going on here and why you should contribute.

Some of you finally contribute after years of listening. What about the rest of you?

You will feel better if you help. Click here.
Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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German AND British teams at 1938 Berlin Olympics
Because of media brainwashing what ONE candidate comes to mind when you see the picture above?
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