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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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No Agenda Thursday Show

Hurricane Showdown Awaits

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The Storm of the Century or Worse!
It appears as if the thrust of all news coverage over the next few days will be hurricane Irma. This looks to be the most destructive storm in a decade and is being called the once-every-500 years storm. These attributions mean it is going to be a genuine whopper that could bankrupt Florida. Either that or something of a dud. The last hurricane to hit Florida did not perform as hyped. If this storm, which is the size as Ohio (literally), doesn’t flatten Florida, then we are going to all be looking askance at weather science.
The storm is pushing Trump’s agenda off the front pages of many news outlets. This must be a huge disappointment to those who need to keep Trump's name in the public eye as a strategy for the 2018 election.

The DACA situation, though, has been bubbling like crazy on the social networks. Adam will read some Facebag posts about this.
This will be fully discussed on the show as well as the Republican unconscionable attempt to bypass the 10th amendment regarding the marijuana laws. These political parties cannot even adhere to their own principles.

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Hollywood Hates Trump Tweet
You should always get a kick out of anyone who likes their tweet so much that they retweet themselves!
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