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Monday, September 25, 2017

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ deserves better than CBS’s streaming service

​I too initially agree that this is way too good to be on some back shelf service that is pay per view basically. But in all fairness, how else will they pay for the millions of dollars per episode if not for some obvious pay-wall put in place?!  I do believe this is just the beginning to the end of the way we will watch (network) television as more and more cord-cutters join the fold.  I cut the cord almost 15 years ago and am constantly adding and subtracting from my subscriptions, based on the time of year. (ie: NFL football's GAME PASS or NHL's CENTER ICE package) If you are a Big Brother fan on CBS then you are no stranger to paying "Real Player" back in the day, which is now CBS's own CBS Access so adding Star Trek was a no-brainer for the Network Execs, that is for sure!​

'Star Trek: Discovery' deserves better than CBS's streaming service