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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Drugging Trump.
How Would You Know?
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Tomorrow’s show promises to be packed with more national and International news that you will never get anywhere else. And it’s commercial free.

Your show has not been emphasizing enough that the show is commercial free. Have you listened to any of the talk shows on the radio? There are far too many commercials and because of the continuity problems caused by all the commercials, the hosts are forced to repeat their points over and over.
You will notice that No Agenda moves smoothly from topic to topic and never harps on one single item all show, repeating the exact same points over and over. It's ridiculous.

One of the current talking points in the ether is the assertion that Trump is being drugged to make him docile and willing to go along with “the Generals.”

When you compare the dense fact filled nature of No Agenda you can understand why some people listen to the same show 3 times or more.
LSD perhaps?
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A New Kind of Dumb Tweet
You can imagine that some dullards would come away from this Tweet believeing that it's true. It makes sense to them. The reader hates Fox anyway and this is confirming. Never do they ask the basics such as what does "be listed" mean? Be listed where? Then the term "news standard." What news standard? Who maintains this? This is idiotic.
This is supposedly an ad someone says appeared on Facebook. This ad is what cost Hillary the election says the source. Really? Anyone who would believe this was not voting for Hillary in the first place. Anyone who liked Hillary would get angry if they saw the ad. So who saw the ad? And how could it be effective?
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