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Thursday, December 6, 2018

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Tomorrow’s Show will be thematic for December, lots of distractions as the Congress prepares itself for an onslaught of new energetic Democrats in the House of Representatives among them the affable and boisterous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) with her raw enthusiasm and socialist rhetoric which can only be described as populist. Everything is free, vote for me.
This is what populism is about, not Trump’s complaining about trade deals. The media has tricked itself and the public into a redefinition of populism condemning it as bad and making Trump the populist. In fact, AOC and Bernie Sanders who both advocate free college, abolition of ICE, forgiveness of student debt, and redistribution of wealth (free money), are textbook populists but never called such by the media. Why is that?
Populists have often promised free money to get elected. Early populists in the USA advocated the income tax years before it was ever enacted. The early tax idea was to find people with a lot of money and take it from them and redistribute it, just vote for the populist.

Most countries have avoided falling for the populist trap, an exception would be Venezuela with Hugo Chavez, a genuine populist. Weaker democracies with a large base of uneducated and poor people are susceptible to a populist pitch (as are various Congressional districts in New York). The modern news media is not explaining any of this.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Kellyanne Conway
Targeted by the Media
A Collection
Conway can show a pronounced underbite which is exaggerated by most cartoonists
The exaggerated look of tiredness is often exploited.
One of the few cartoonists who does not portray her in some homely fashion.
Just for comparison, in the 1990's Conway appeared on a lot of political shows as the fast-talking smart Republican. Back then she looked like this with bleached blonde hair.. She was Kellyanne Fitzpatrick. She was the prototype for a lot of fast-talking commentators that would follow.
Her HS photo.
It's been a grind.
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