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Thursday, December 13, 2018

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda Newsletter

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Here is an essay by John to help finish the year with some deeper understanding of what is going on politically in the USA. Enjoy.
The Hillary Hurdle
by John C. Dvorak

The strategy of the Democrat party to reclaim leadership in all areas of government is going according to plan, thus far. But there is a seemingly-insurmountable hurdle to overcome. That hurdle is Hillary Clinton, who is intent on running again and should be given the opportunity.
Let’s look at the overall strategy of the Dems and what it has accomplished.

In these random essays, I have previously outlined the long-term “impeach Trump” strategy, which does not entail actually impeaching Trump, but continuing to talk about it and leveraging the talk to elect more Democrats. The strategy has worked well so far.

Overall, it goes like this:

PHASE ONE (2016-2018): Talk about impeaching Trump because of his flaws or corruption. Pound the public with a Trump rotation of supposed flaws and corrupt practices. Make the claim that you want him impeached but always point out that it is impractical because there are not enough Democrats in the House to get impeachment underway. We need to elect more Democrats.

We are now past Phase One with more Democrats elected, showing that the strategy worked.
PHASE TWO (2018-2020): Talk about impeaching Trump more and hold more hearings harassing Republicans. Slowly promote the idea that impeachment will not get past the Senate unless Trump has committed serious crimes. Bring back talk of the 25th amendment. By the end of 2019, promote the idea that impeachment cannot work and why bother when we can just vote him out. The focus and effort should be to do just that.

We are in Phase Two but the Democrats have created a dilemma for themselves: you can see them trying to walk back from the idea that Trump stole the election with the help of the Russians. The pivot is towards supposed felonious acts such as bribing Stormy Daniels with hush money coming from the election campaign, which is a sketchy assertion at best.

This branches out to Trump's ongoing business dealings with Russia to build a Trump tower in Moscow and giving Putin a penthouse there.
The reason for swinging away from election meddling toward corrupt practices is that the Democrats have realized that if the 2016 election gets perceived as a swindle of some sort and Trump is an illegitimate president, then Hillary was wronged and needs another shot.

This may have been realized too late as many Democrats have already called Trump an illegitimate president. In fact, it probably helped them in the 2018 midterms. “Not my President!” falls into this category.
When you combine the "illegitimate president" meme with other common ones like “she won the popular vote” and “she lost many of those states that normally go Democrats by a slim margin,” then this was all unfair to her, specifically. So why would you deny her justice?

Don’t be surprised to see “Justice for Hillary” slogans as part of the campaign.

The media is aware of this and has been trying to marginalize Hillary as the 2020 nominee. Recent discussions about potential Democrat nominees generate huge laundry lists that, besides the usual suspects, include Kamala Harris and even Beto, but not Hillary. There is supposedly a PR firm working for Hillary that calls the news outlets complaining about this "blackballing" campaign.

Hillary running again re-ignites the goal of the US getting its first woman president. Yes, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand are women, but they would be cutting in line.
The first woman president was supposed to be Hillary, she was robbed, she wants to run again, let her have the nomination. That sort of idea, in that sentence, is a nightmare scenario that keeps the Democrat elites up at night. And they brought it on themselves. -- jcd
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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