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Thursday, December 27, 2018

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Show 1098
Jim Mattis Explained

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Tomorrow’s show will cover all the Christmas events as well as the latest from the EU and Brexit as well as some White House funnies. Meanwhile, enjoy the analysis of the firing of Jim Mattis (below):
Eight Things About Jim Mattis
that Contributed to his Firing.

Jim Mattis was a bad fit for the Trump administration for numerous reasons, primarily compatibility. Trump indicated that Mattis was first fired by Obama and hints that he was doing Mattis a favor by letting him run the Pentagon. There was some suspicion regarding his recent resignation as old-timers said there was no way he’d ever quit.

Now, it seems that he was told by Pompeo that Trump was about to fire him, thus the resignation.

The resignation note was cited by many in the military as rude and unbecoming a Marine because of it’s lack of charm and tact. Let’s face it, like Kelly, Mattis did not like the President.

Mattis said he wanted to stay through February, but Trump wasn’t taking any chances with him after that resignation note and got him out immediately fearing he’d poison the well or who knows what. A smart move commonly seen in business.

Let’s go over a few of the reasons that Mattis had to go and ask ourselves why none of this is considered by the MSM pundits.
  1. Auditing the Pentagon. Mattis was the boss of it all and failed to implement a working audit strategy and the entire audit failed and there is no indication this will ever get done. The Pentagon spending is out of control and ripping off the American public. Trump has put Boeing executive and MBA Patrick M. Shanahan in his place. There is little discussion of this in the media, but his background might make a much-needed Pentagon audit a possibility.
  2. Mark Milley. Jim Mattis did not want Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley to become the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Milley is an incredible pragmatist and one of the smartest and best educated Generals with degrees from Princeton and Columbia. He seems like someone who can be trusted. Mattis wanted Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfein as chairman. Compare the two bios of these men and Goldfein is decidedly less of a military executive/big thinker and more of a guy in the field taking orders. There is no comparison.
  3. War in Syria. Trump never liked this war or the war in Afghanistan and got votes because of it as he promised to end these wars. “why are we there?” Obama made similar promises about these endless wars but was talked out of any changes in direction by military authorities. The war hawks, in both parties, thus sided with Mattis who was irked that Trump ordered the 2000 troops out of Syria after making a deal with Turkey for them to do the clean up work. Mattis was now working against the President in a big way. The media emphasizes this saying Mattis tried to talk him out of leaving Syria and when the President did not agree, then Mattis quit in protest. It’s ridiculous.
  4. Theranos. Let’s not forget that Mattis did all he could to get himself placed on the board of directors of what appears to be one of the biggest scams and fiascos in the history of Silicon Valley. There was also a conflict of interest as the military was considering using the dubious technology in the field. It’s believed that old-bachelor Mattis, like all the middle-aged males involved in the company, was sweet-talked into stupidity by eye-batting bleached-blonde Elizabeth Holmes who was said to have a sexy and hypnotic influence over older males. This incredibly bad judgement alone should have prevented Mattis from ever getting any position of authority let alone the Secretary of Defense job.
  5. Global Warming. Mattis is all-in for the most egregious beliefs regarding global warming and what to do about it. In his mind, it has something to do with future warfare. This is in stark contrast to the President and others.
  6. Space Force. Mattis is against the whole idea.
  7. Mattis in Afghanistan. His piss-poor work in Afghanistan including abandoning troops struck by our own friendly-fire – a B52 bombing, -- was well documented by those who opposed his Secretary of Defense nomination. This was also highlighted by others in command who felt he was too mission-oriented and never concerned himself with any troops not commanded by him.
  8. His own words. Mattis is known for making a lot of psycho comments such as “Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet.” His public comment that “it’s fun to shoot people” stands out. Another good one links to his relation to Trump and how Trump might see Mattis: “Treachery has existed as long as there’s been warfare, and there’s always been a few people that you couldn’t trust.” The last one is not psycho, just true. --jcd
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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The Golden Age of Computer Advertising
It was believed that TI was going to take over the industry and ruin it for everyone else. Because nobody got to see the machine in advance the company was never told by anyone that it was missing some important keys on its keyboard.
The ad would not fly today.
Forgot about this guy and this computer, both!
Look! Appple used the all-black logo years ago.
It's a steal!
Does anyone recall this machine?

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