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Sunday, December 9, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

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Dear Producer,
After a miserable November, you are urged to support No Agenda in the spirit of the Christmas Holiday Season as Adam and I have decided to do what nobody else in media ever does, work through the Holidays and take no time off, and instead focus on the show. No vacation, no hiatus

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Dear John and Adam 
Ever since Sir Mark hit me in the mouth in the early 200 episodes of NA, I have fervently been  listening each Friday and Monday morning - due to the time difference in Japan - to get my dose of sanity.

John, your newsletters are always a great tease, but the recent one was just outrageous: 'Asthma Cigarettes' and  ‘No flies on me thanks to DTT’!

It is baffling how over the years intolerance of the large grey scale of diverse opinions has grown. More and more people feel compelled to simply take sides with either black or white with nothing in between.

I was stunned at Tim “Collins’s” hypocrisy for wanting to welcome all refugees, while Apple itself carefully scrutinizes who is let through their door.

A huge thank you for your courage and making the news plain to see to us all. Also a big thanks to all the producers - especially the art and jingle producers - for keeping NA sparkly!

Happy festive season to you all!

Dame astrid
Duchess of Japan and all the Disputed Islands in The Japan Sea
Over the past few months I have been enlightened by your blatant and prejudiced Trump support, even while our unbiased media discloses how virulently evil he is. Your coverage is completely out of line, and uncalled for in its exposition on the rhetoric of the popular media of today. I am ashamed of how much time and effort you both invest into concocting the truth from the overwhelming media flow. It is obvious that the media is only interested in presenting statistics useful to the everyday individual; your mudding up of such presented truths only serves to obfuscate.

I wish the above paragraph was true. I appreciate all of the effort, time, knowledge, and understanding that you both put into each episode. I long for a day where the media publishes facts and what happened instead of advertisers bias.

At the end of this month it will be the one year mark of my listening to your podcast. Over the course of the this year,  I have found myself questioning most of the people around me, along with their gullible buy-in to the propaganda of the day. I have also experienced liberal hate, during the Kavanaugh hearings, where a liberal friend expressed that everyone disagreeing with their opinion should die - not that Kavanaugh was unqualified due to his demeanor or due to his voting record, but due to the lies told by the media about his character.

I hope that both of you have a great holiday season, and that y'all take more breaks during the upcoming year. I look forward to the long interviews with people as a break from normal politics, in addition to insight into what another person thinks. I sincerely hope that this pace doesn't burn y'all out.
Joel Nelson
On tomorrow’s show. A deep dive into the arrest of the Hua Wei CFO which is being downplayed perhaps by the media since something like this could trigger a serious trade war. You will hear both an explanation and prediction.

Meanwhile, Trump is at it again with dubious and humorous Tweets. This one got a lot of people bent out of shape.
A Trump apologist might say that technically Trump never said it was the rioterschanting “We want Trump” it could have been the staff in the White House. But nobody has a sense of humor anymore.

More coverage of this event plus much more on tomorrow’s show.
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Your co-host,

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Best of the Darwin Nominees. Part One
What was this guy thinking? But a lot of people have never taken physics and do not understand the dangers of fireworks.
Another example, only nerdier.
Nerdier still
First of all, who is he trying to show off for?
Women will get involved in stupidity too
Dare devil.
Punk decides to knife a tire, has no understanding of high pressure truck tires.
What was this guy hoping to accomplish?
Hollywood stuntman wannabee
Who doesn't watch this and say, "Serves them right!"
Let me run on to this cop car and...
Again, physics.
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