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Sunday, December 30, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

The No Agenda Promise
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Tomorrow’s show will be important as the 2020 drumbeat has already begun for every possible Democrat presidential candidate imaginable. While the media has decided to promote Bernie, Biden and Beto (the three b’s), it is unclear who will emerge since almost every well-known Democrat thinks he or she could be President. Laying in wait, though, is Hillary who is taking names as the media has gone out of its way to ignore her. It’s as if they are taking orders from someone, it is so obvious. They leave her off polling results and they never mention her in context as a primary candidate.
Then there is the constant barrage of impeachment talk mostly coming from the NY Times. The theme is not whether Trump will be impeached, but when he will be impeached as if it is a done deal when it is not.

Only a few democrats would vote for an impeachment for starters. These would be the ones in secure districts where Democrats could run a barn animal and win. There are maybe 100 of these. The others cannot risk it and will not risk it. They will develop the excuse that they’d vote for impeachment if there was more evidence. Or they will wait until the Mueller investigation is finished. This will be the top excuse, you can be sure.

As discussed before this is part of a strategy to keep Trump synonymous with impeachment to beat him in 2020 not to actually impeach him.
This is the best gig I've ever had. Open-ended and unlimited budget with no controls, authority to ruin lives, center of attention. I'm never going to stop this investigation, ever. Who would?
Trump will have 2020 competition within the party too. The thoroughly unlikeable and full of himself John Kasich of Ohio claims he is running in 2020. Who knows who else will crop up.

Of course, your No Agenda Show will begin to focus on International news and events with only occasional looks at the 2020 campaign. Even Hillary knows that it does not work out for those who start campaigning too far in advance to the point where they wear out their welcome.
In 2019 we expect to reemphasize the bigger picture from an International perspective more so than the last couple of years where the trivial seemed to dominate the news feeds, especially in the USA.

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