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Sunday, December 2, 2018

No Agenda-The Saturday Memo

11 Years of No Agenda
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Dear Producer,
We begin a new month and head toward Christmas while witnessing various and continued crackdowns on a lot of conservative commentators, notably conservative Laura Loomer, a publicity stunt artist who used Twitter among other platforms to promote her videos and herself. She was tossed off the platform and it looks like for good. Meanwhile, the vile Rob Reiner with his hateful and divisive rhetoric stays.

Your No Agenda Show, which takes on the accuracy and intent of the mainstream media and platforms such as Twitter is also susceptible to some of this.

But, short of the government shutting down the bank accounts, your show has operated on its own servers running in the EU and elsewhere protected from interference. This costs money and you are asked to help and consider the possibility that No Agenda is susceptible to the same sort of anti-Free speech trend that is sweeping the world.

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Tomorrow we will discuss the death of George HW Bush and the new sexual harassment and rape charges against Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The show will be a doozy. Enjoy the collection of collected images at the end of today’s newsletter.
Who knew?
Only No Agenda will discuss any of this in any detail and deconstruct the important news stories of the day. Help the show. MNAGA. Make No Agenda Great Again. Contribute what you can to the show. You are the only hopeClick here and help.
Co-host is love,

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Dvorak Collection
These advertisements are collected from a lot of sources and it is possible that a few are modern hoaxes. Then again maybe not.
Wow. How did this ever fly?
More to come in the weeks ahead
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