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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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Dear Producer,

Tomorrow is show 1300. This adds up to a lot of content by any measure, and by any standard. Plus the quality and content of these shows has just increased and improved. Hence the BPITU.

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East Bay mud flats
Over 13 years and 1300 shows. The mudflats are still there unchanged.
Tomorrow, we take a look at the condition of the world during new lockdowns and threats of lockdowns. And another look at the state of the American election dispute.
Covid vaccine
Odd PBS promotion for vaccine makes it seem as if you are getting a shot of Covid itself!! Yikes!!
One thing we are seeing shaping up is the first look at the Biden administration. It looks to be filled with minorities and woman, most of whom are big bank, Wall Street and big pharma-oriented. And you wonder why the stock market is skyrocketing. The progressives in the Democrat party are beside themselves with hand-wringing angst and brewing bitterness. This is beginning to look less like Obama’s third term and more like Bill Clinton’s third term. Hello 1990’s.
Image of stock broker office
Break out the blue shirts and red ties. It's back to the 1990's!
John is going to dig up some old classics from the archive tomorrow as No Agenda looks back on 1300 shows!

This is a show you do not want to miss.

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