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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

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Good Riddance 2020
Start the Hammering
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Tomorrow’s Show.
You’ll hear about some slick marketing by the State Department to thwart Huawei’s attempt to dominate the world’s 5G market. It’s an astonishing tale that the mainstream media refused to cover for fear that it might anger its Chinese benefactors.
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There are plenty of reasons not to like 5G
The January 6th deadline approaches for the final election results. Kamala Harris is now cropping up to remind us all exactly how annoying she is as a person. If Biden can make it through four years without dropping dead or being incapacitated, Harris is the shoe-in to run for President in 2024 giving the Republicans back the office for sure.
Mike Pence
Wishful thinking or cold reality?
Tomorrow we will also look back at 2020 and discuss the highlights and lowlights of the year and what it all means for the next few years.

More importantly we wrap 2020 and say good bye. Let’s finish the year off right with the kind of support your No Agenda Show needs for 2021.
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