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Sunday, December 6, 2020

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Funny button about not wearing a mask
This is the button used at a retail chain until some Karen's got upset. What is curious is the little copyright notice at the bottom. Really?
Tomorrow’s show we discuss the rush to distribute the new mRNA vaccine in the UK prior to the rollout to the rest of the world. Your No Agenda Show found a government link to the official details of this vaccine and the fact that they are sending it out “concentrated” like orange juice, to be diluted and made usable at the hospitals and clinics. This seems odd in itself.

The medical professionals and lab techs in this audience will find this information interesting. Most readers should go directly to section 4.8 (undesirable effects) and read from there. It’s a hoot. I could see deconstructing and breaking out some interesting “very common” effects, but until No Agenda has a reliable email transmission mechanism other than woke Mail Chimp I will relent and let you do it yourselfThe link to the official UK government document is here. After all we have a podcast to do.
grahic art showing people wearing masks
The election story gets better or worse, depending on your perspective and attitude. You’ll hear some daft analysis from the left that makes no sense. The left and the media honestly think that once Biden gets in office, the Trump supporters will come to their senses, get on board with the program and fall in line. This apparently means a heightening concern for transgender bathrooms and more bike lanes. One thing that none of them wants to discuss is that fact that the darling initiative of the woke left -- public transportation – was a primary disease vector for Covid-19. That’s a seemingly verboten topic.
Bus terminal India
The ideal dream for America. No cars, only buses. India is almost there. Here is an early look at your future once the Green New Deal is implemented.
And here’s a gem beginning to crop up. Remember the days when peak oil was actually a thing? It’s been re-packaged as “oil peak” referring to the declining usage with the advent of electric cars. You cannot be sure where exactly they will be going with this new “problem” but it’s starting.
Chart showing drop off in oil demand
Things like this are cropping up.
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