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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

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Santa Was a Smoker!?

Govt sez: No Time for Frivolity
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And, yes, we will get to this tomorrow!
Tomorrow's Show
Tomorrow’s Show will begin to wrap up 2020 as the mainstream media folks take trips to Mexico or Florida where the restrictions are not the same as in NYC and LA where millions of people are told to shelter at home.

Your No Agenda Show is working, not vacationing. So you will get your usual three hours of deep news analysis.

Meanwhile, have some fun with these images.
Santa was a smoking fiend?
Santa promoting Murad One
Santa promoting Murad Two
Santa promoting Murad Three
Uncle Sam Promoting Murad
Coca-Cola takes credit for inventing the modern Santa and using Santa for ads, but it's wrong. All these above ads date 1919 and earlier. And they may, in fact have triggered a plethora of "Santa as a happy smoker ad" later to be picked up by Madison Avenue as shown below. It looks like Uncle Sam smoked too as shown above.
Santa promoting Marlboro
Santa promoting Chesterfield
Santa promoting Camels
Santa promoting Lucky Strike
Santa promoting Chesterfields
Santa promoting Old Gold
It appears that Santa had a great agent. His career seems like a huge conflict of interest that the FTC should look into.
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Santa image with two rabbits
After he was busted by the government.
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