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Thursday, December 17, 2020

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Vaccine Time! Roll up Your Sleeves!
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Tomorrow's Show
You hear about the now ludicrous lock-downs that seem to do more harm than good. Meanwhile, so much attention is paid to the health care system that all sorts of discouraging facts are emerging. Check out the graphs below. It seems that too many American institutions from the education system to the healthcare system are riddled with waste at the high end. Too many administrators, for sure.
Chart show medical admin increase
Look at these charts and ask yourself why medical costs have skyrocketed.
Chart shows admin growth in medical admin salaries
Chart showing high health care prices
The election discussion is about to end for good as the bullcrap from the M5M cranks up in support of sleepy Joe. The ludicrous CNN headline telling us that Pete “Did I tell you I’m gay” Buttigieg will be the first ever openly gay cabinet member, ignores Trump’s head of DNI (a cabinet post) Richard Grenell who is openly gay.

But let’s re-write history as fast as you can and pretend Trump never happened. The problem is that this sort of lie is easily documented and hard to justify without admitting incompetence.
Pete Buttigieg
"You don't say! Me too!"
Screenshot of CNN story
Also, on tomorrow’s show, a Kayleigh segment will be welcomed.
Kayleigh and family
Could be the last time we hear from her.
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