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Sunday, December 27, 2020

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Your Vaccine is Bad, Mine is Gooder

Congress Bickers
Dear Producer,
No Agenda hopes you all had a happy and healthy Christmas. Tomorrow No Agenda begins to wrap 2020.

Covid coverage continues as you go into a new stage of frenzy everywhere except Florida it seems.

It would be great to finish 2020 with a powerful support push. Consider what the No Agenda Show meant to you in 2020. And there is no reason to even suggest that the there will be any sort of let-up in the M5M propaganda and corruption in 2021 or anytime in the future.

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Tomorrow's Show will be a whopper. First off, the Brexit deal will now come to a head on Jan. 1, a week before the US Presidential elections should wrap.

As more ‘facts” emerge, the shakier this looks. Photos of the backup of trucks on either side of the Chunnel should give people nightmares.
Then there is the odd bomb blast in Nashville, blowing up an AT&T facility. It included a loud recorded message telling people to evacuate. The explosion took out communications for hundreds of miles. Was this a test of the infrastructure? A prelude to a bank robbery? What was it? Speculation abounds. Count on your No Agenda Show to summarize and theorize with information not heard elsewhere.
Also look for coverage of the “Vaccine wars.” This stems from dubious news highlighting ill-effects from either the Moderna or the Pfizer ptofucts.

These stories may be orchestrated by either company or from commercial interests trying to gouge the companies for more advertising dollars. Corruption in the media has never been worse.
YOUR No Agenda Show will be the only source for tracking the rank M5M BS without bias or the corrupt influences of advertisers and China. This is because the show is not owned by a large corporation nor beholden to advertisers or Chinese influencers and is solely supported by you

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John C. Dvorak
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The M5M Follies
These are the "most popular" stories from the NYT proving the rationale for the adage, "If it bleeds, it leads." You can bet that the story at the top was counted as a Covid death in California.
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