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Sunday, December 20, 2020

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When does Santa get Cancelled?

Funny Christmas Tree Images
Dear Producer,
It’s funny that as we enter Christmas week all the talk about politics ends in favor of the raw mercantilism of Christmas. This year everyone is besides themselves as half the country has stay at home orders which only a few diligent souls are obeying.

Your No Agenda Show, unlike most of the mainstream and other media, is working during the holidays to continue to bring you the coverage and analysis of news events that you expect from the No Agenda Show. And you are reminded that the show is not supported by the corrupt influence of advertisers or corporate underwriting. It all comes from you. Please think of the future of No Agenda by contributing to the support of the show today. Click here and contribute what you know the show is worth to you. Everything helps. All credit cards accepted.
Santa on Roller Skates
Tomorrow's Show
We begin to review the year and predict what’s ahead for 2021. Most every year these Christmas newsletters highlight the antique greeting cards and sentiments of the holiday season. This time you get some of the weirdness seldom seen elsewhere. Offbeat Christmas Tree images, for sure. Enjoy. And may this holiday spirit brighten your day.
Upside-down tree One
Upside-down tree two
This idea may someday catch on.
Shopping cart tree one
Shopping cart tree two
You have to wonder about liability issues here.
Plastic bottles Christmas tree
Traffic signals Christmas tree
Merry Christmas everyone!
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John C. Dvorak
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Christmas Art
Art showing Santa holding a gun
"Hands Up!" by Will Crawford (1912)
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