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Thursday, December 17, 2020

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MacKenzie Scott Announces $4.2 Billion More in Charitable Giving

47KNYT > Technology / 9h
“She’s disrupting the norms around billionaire philanthropy by moving quickly,” an expert on charities said.

The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal Says He Doesn't Want to Take His Helmet Off Too Much

3KGizmodo / 3h
One of the most profoundly vulnerable moments in Pedro Pascal’s performance across two seasons of The Mandalorian came in last week ’s “The Believer,” when, in order to access some key information about Moff Gideon, Din Djarin had to go against the creed he’s known his entire life and show his face to others. But it’s… Read more...

Cornell Scientists Find Radio Signal Coming From an Exoplanet

13KFuturism / 5h
Signal Boost A team of Cornell University scientists has found what they believe to be the first radio signature emitted by a planet outside of our solar system. Knowing what that sounds like, let’s be clear: It’s probably not aliens. However, according to research slated for publication in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics , picking up on radio signatures from an exoplanet is a valuable tool

HBO Max patches its Roku hole six months after launch

HBO Max Roku WW1 Months•
20Ars Technica / 12min
Enlarge / Whip it good, HBO Max. (credit: Aurich Lawson / HBO Max ) As 2020 draws to a close, HBO Max's 2020 stumble into the streaming-video fray has begun smoothing out , and the subscription service will soon seal its biggest North American gap: a spot on the Roku marketplace. Starting tomorrow, December 17, North American Roku owners will finally be able to download and access the HBO Max app

Twitch Bans the Words 'Simp' and 'Virgin' (Actual Simps And Virgins Still Welcome)

Gizmodo / 21min
As part of an ongoing process of retooling its policies around harassment and hateful conduct, Twitch announced on Wednesday that the words “simp,” “incel,” and “virgin” will no longer be allowed on the platform as long as they are used by streamers and commenters as insults. If they are used in a friendly way, the… Read more...

Coalition for App Fairness adds major news publishers in Apple tussle

SlashGear / 22min
You might think that their efforts have eventually died down and the issue swept under the rug but CAF, short for the Coalition for App Fairness, is making a lot of noise again. The group led by Epic Games and Spotify have proudly announced the addition of a new member that pretty much means that major US news publishers like … Continue reading

iPad Pro 2021 rumor points to a mini LED screen, saving OLED upgrade for 2022

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 22min
iPad Pro 2021 models may get mini LED displays and then switch to OLED screens, but not until 2022, according to a new rumor.

Herman Miller's 'Experiential Concept Store' Has To Be the Classiest Place on Earth to Buy a Gaming Chair

28Lifehacker / 23min
Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair | $1,495 | Herman Miller Read more...

Lydia raises another $86 million to build European financial super app

100+TechCrunch / 31min
French fintech startup Lydia has extended its Series B round. Accel is leading the extension with all major existing shareholders also participating. Lydia first raised $45 million in January 2020 — Tencent led that investment. The startup is now raising another $86 million, which means that Lydia has raised $131 million in total as part of its Series B round. While Lydia wouldn’t discuss the val

Passenger With Coronavirus Dies On United Flight

100+One Mile at a Time / 34min
This sounds like a terrible situation for all involved… COVID-19 positive man dies on United flight Unfortunately a passenger died on United Airlines flight 591 from Orlando to Los Angeles on Monday: About two hours into the flight a passenger sitting in seat 28D stopped breathing; according to other passengers, he was having a hard time breathing from the beginning of the flight The crew asked i

Retweets are back to normal as Twitter ends its quote tweet experiment

Engadget / 36min
Twitter is ending its experiment that encouraged users to quote tweet rather than retweet. The company first implemented the change in October as part of its work to prepare for the 2020 presidential election. Twitter said at the time that it hoped that the change would remind users to be more thoughtful about what they share. That’s not what happened, according to the company. “The use of Quote

Get 6 Months Of CLEAR Membership Free (Including Free Family Members Added To Your Account)

View from the Wing / 39min
CLEAR takes your finger prints and retina scan and lets you access airport security checkpoints without ID, and some other venues as well. There’s usually no line to use CLEAR, so you skip the security wait. At busy airports and peak times it can be much better than using PreCheck. The service is offered by a private company, and you pay for it. However through December 31 you can sign up with si

Texas Accuses Google and Facebook of an Illegal Conspiracy

100+Wired / 54min
A new antitrust case against Google alleges that the two companies made a deal to reduce competition in online advertising.

Russia’s Hacking Frenzy Is a Reckoning

100+Wired / 54min
Despite years of warning, the US still has no good answer for the sort of “supply chain” attack that let Russia run wild.

The retweet is back, baby

40Mashable / 55min
Well, it was worth a shot. Twitter announced Wednesday that it will cease prompting users to quote tweet in lieu of the standard retweet. That's right, you can now retweet — without first adding a comment — to your heart's content (just like you always could ). According to Twitter , the initial hope was that asking people to add their own words to a tweet would lead to "more thoughtful amplifica

Discord screen-sharing feature finally arrives on mobile devices

SlashGear / 1h
If you use Discord as your primary messaging platform, good news: you can now share your screen with other users from your mobile device, eliminating the need to dust off your laptop. The feature works exactly as you’d expect — you can share what’s happening on your display with others, opening the door to new broadcasting options. The ability to … Continue reading

Future Snapdragon phones can get up to four years of security updates

Google Qualcomm Android•
29Engadget / 1h
Back in 2017, Google announced Project Treble , a modular redesign of Android’s low-level system architecture that was supposed to reduce the time it took for phone manufacturers to update their devices with the latest version of its mobile operating system. A new partnership between Google and Qualcomm , the company that makes the Snapdragon processors you find in most Android phones, will see t

Google Pay shoots to top of Apple's App Store by giving users $21

32Mashable / 1h
Google's digital wallet app is suddenly super popular, probably because the company is giving away money. At one point on Wednesday, Google Pay was the most downloaded app on Apple's App Store, above TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, according to app analytics firm Sensor Tower. This is the first time Google Pay has reached the number one spot based on Sensor Tower's tracking. On Nov. 17, Sensor To

Google Photos lets you relive a day through your Maps timeline

35Engadget / 1h
Since 2015, Google has offered a timeline feature through Maps that allows you to retrace where you were on a specific day in the past. Despite coming out at around the same time, Google Photos is only now starting to take advantage of that functionality. With the latest version of app, you’ll find a new way to see all the photos you took on a given day. You can access the feature, which was spot

Qualcomm promises three years of Android updates for its entire SoC lineup

Google Qualcomm Android•
28Ars Technica / 1h
Enlarge / The Snapdragon 888, sitting on the world's biggest ARM motherboard. (credit: Qualcomm) Google and Qualcomm are teaming up to enable a longer support window for flagship Android smartphones. Qualcomm, with Google's help, will now support its chipsets for three years of major OS updates and four years of security updates, enabling a better-than-Pixel level for all future Android phones, p

Herman Miller's 'Experiential Concept Store' Has To Be the Classiest Place on Earth to Buy a Gaming Chair

28Gizmodo / 1h
Herman Miller x Logitech G Embody Gaming Chair | $1,495 | Herman Miller Read more...

The Best Gifts and Gadgets to Help Your Youngest Child Build Character

41Lifehacker / 1h
Children are wonderful miracles. The way they go from babies to chaos to creatures with genuine personalities and feelings all their own is remarkable. But youngest kids of a multi-child household are another story. They are nightmare hellions with little regard for others, an incredible capacity to care only about… Read more...

Daily Crunch: Facebook escalates Apple criticism

84TechCrunch / 1h
Facebook takes aim at Apple, Texas sues Google and we interview the CEO of Boston Dynamics. This is your Daily Crunch for December 16, 2020. The big story: Facebook escalates Apple criticism Facebook took a big swing at Apple’s upcoming app tracking restrictions today with full-page ads in the print editions of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post that argued the so

Google bought CloudReady, the largest ChromiumOS distribution

29Ars Technica / 1h
Enlarge / CloudReady is a ChromeOS alternative built from the source available in ChromiumOS repositories, much as CentOS was built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux source code. (credit: Jim Salter) This week, Google acquired OS vendor Neverware, makers of the CloudReady distribution of ChromiumOS. ChromiumOS is the fully open source, upstream version of ChromeOS—the sharply limited, cloud-focused o

Fall Guys players get free winter skin, but only with Prime Gaming

SlashGear / 1h
One of the year’s top games, Fall Guys, comes with a variety of costumes for its adorable pill-shaped characters. Every so often, a free skin arrives and that’s the case this time around — but you can only get it if you’re a Prime Gaming member. The winter-themed skin will soon be joined by additional freebies, with the next scheduled … Continue reading

The Bond Between Starlink's Two Biggest Competitors Just Got Tighter

28Gizmodo / 1h
One of the largest satellite internet providers to rural America, HughesNet, has entered a $250 million, three-year contract with UK-based OneWeb to develop and manufacture ground system technology for its satellite LEO constellation, which will compete with SpaceX’s Starlink system. Read more...

Facebook sued for using VPN to spy on users

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
The ACCC is suing Facebook for misleading users regarding the data collected by its now shuttered Onavo Protect app.

HBO Max is finally coming to Roku streaming devices

HBO Max Roku WW1 Months•
28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
After months of negotiations, Roku and WarnerMedia have reached an agreement to bring HBO Max to Roku devices on December 17.

Cheap Covid Tests We Could Take Everyday – And Travel – Are Here, But FDA Screwed It Up

View from the Wing / 2h
Back in August I wrote that cheap $5, 15 minute Covid-19 tests could really open up travel and other activities. The good news is that the Abbott Labs BinaxNOW test I wrote about four months ago has finally received an Emergency Use Authorization. The bad news is that this $5 test is now a $30 test because in order to approve it the government required people taking the test to be monitored. And

What Karamo Brown does when he reaches his breaking point

Mashable / 2h
When Karamo Brown talks about mental health and wellness, he speaks with empathy and optimism. He can seamlessly pivot from darkness to light and back again while avoiding jargon that he must know from his professional experience in social work. Brown's ease, both with himself and those he counsels on Netflix 's Queer Eye , is what makes him such an appealing messenger. Coaxing the show's makeove

Roku users can *finally* watch HBO Max

WarnerMedia HBO Max Roku•
34Mashable / 2h
HBO Max's iconic library of entertainment content is finally coming to Roku streaming devices. The two brands announced their partnership on Twitter with a launch date of Dec. 17. HBO Max is coming to the Roku platform tomorrow. — HBO Max (@hbomax) December 16, 2020 In case you missed it, Warner Bros. announced that it will simultaneously release its entire 2021 movie lineup both in theaters and

Substack Is Getting an RSS Feed Because Inboxes are a Disaster

32Gizmodo / 2h
The Substack newsletter hype-cycle hit a fever pitch this fall when a bunch of high profile journalists defected to the platform in search of a new business model, which increasingly resembles a bunch of old business models balled up, Katamari -like, into a product without much of an identity. Read more...

HBO Max app arrives on PS5, plus Roku support coming soon

WarnerMedia HBO Max Roku•
SlashGear / 2h
HBO Max is making its way to two big platforms, the most notable being Roku’s lineup of home streaming products. The support will arrive tomorrow, December 17, at which point Roku device owners will be able to download the HBO Max app from the channel store. As well, HBO Max has debuted on Sony’s newly launched PlayStation 5 console. The … Continue reading

Twitter will show you personalized funny tweets

60Engadget / 2h
Twitter wants to make it easier for you to see funny tweets. The service is trying out a new personalization feature that aims to surface tweets that fit your sense of humor. The update is part of Twitter’s topics feature , and is specifically part of the “funny tweets” and “viral tweets” topics. While in the past the topics would surface a somewhat random selection of tweets that fall into those

HBO Max will finally land on Roku devices tomorrow

HBO Max Roku WW1 Months•
100+TechCrunch / 2h
It took an unusually long time, but HBO Max is set to launch on Roku devices tomorrow. Roku users make up a massive chunk of the cord-cutting market, so the absence of an HBO Max app for Roku nearly seven months after the service launched was pretty glaring. We’d been wondering where the Max app was for months, its launch seemingly tied up over the matter of where and how customers could subscrib

Roku Users Are Finally Getting HBO Max

HBO Max Roku WW1 Months•
2KGizmodo / 2h
Months after HBO Max launched, it’s finally coming to one of the largest smart TV platforms around. Today Roku announced that HBO Max would finally be available on December 17 and timed (of course) with the release of HBO Max’s biggest original content to date, Wonder Woman 1984 . Read more...

Discoveries That Really, Really Seemed Like Aliens

24Gizmodo / 2h
As the famous X-Files poster declares, “I want to believe.” This wanting, however, often leads us astray. When confronted with shocking and inexplicable celestial phenomena, we tend to see intelligent design. This jumping to conclusions is a sin for which we can be forgiven—we have an insatiable need to know if… Read more...

American Airlines just changed its boarding groups: Here’s how it will affect you

The Points Guy / 2h
Citi is a TPG advertising partner Starting today, American Airlines will change its boarding groups. Specifically, American Airlines AAdvantage members without elite status will now board in Group 6 even when flying on a basic economy ticket . I looked at this news when American Airlines announced it yesterday but didn’t think much of it. After all, I have Executive Platinum status, so I usually

How to Play Google Stadia on Your iPhone and iPad

Google Stadia iPad•
24How-To Geek / 3h
Apple might not allow game streaming applications into the App Store, but that hasn’t stopped Google from bringing Stadia to those with an iPhone or iPad. Here’s how to start playing Stadia games on your iPhone or iPad. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

HBO Max Comes to Roku (and PS5 We Guess, but ROKU!)

HBO Max Roku WW1 Months•
28How-To Geek / 3h
After holding out for months, AT&T and Warner Bros. headline-grabbing streaming venture HBO Max is finally coming to Roku. Oh, and it’s on the PlayStation 5, too, but who cares about that, it’s coming to Roku tomorrow, December 17th. Roku made the announcement in a press release this afternoon. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Prime Gaming Members Can Get a Free 'Fall Guys' Winter Knockout Costume

How-To Geek / 3h
Winter Knockout, the latest season of popular video game Fall Guys, is now underway. And of course, this means new levels and new costumes. Amazon Prime Gaming members can now get an exclusive bonus for free—the Winter Warmer Bundle, which features a fun costume. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Stadia Arrives on the iPhone and iPad Through the Browser

Google Stadia iPad•
37How-To Geek / 3h
Apple may have banned game streaming from its App Store, but Stadia still managed to find its way to the iPhone and iPad through the browser. Gamers using iOS 14.3 or later can access their Stadia library and play games like Cyberpunk 2077 through Safari, Chrome, or any other browser. You can also add a Stadia PWA to your Home Screen and pretend that it’s a standalone app. Read This Article on Re

Google One Lops 50% off the Price of Its Most Expensive Plans

How-To Geek / 3h
If you back up all your pictures to Google Photos, you might run into a storage problem next year. Last month Google said it would end unlimited high-quality uploads to the service in July 2021. Naturally, you can pay for more storage through Google One, and if you want plenty of storage, the company just reduced the price of its most expensive options by half. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

No Longer Extinct: 'Dinosaurs' Series Coming to Disney+ January 29

27How-To Geek / 3h
It’s time to get prehistoric! The popular ’90s TV sitcom Dinosaurs is coming to Disney+ on January 29, 2021. Executive producer Brian Henson has confirmed that the beloved family series (created by his father, Jim Henson) has found a new home on the streaming service, though it was previously available on Hulu. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

The Apple TV App is Coming to the New Chromecast in Early 2021

How-To Geek / 3h
The new Chromecast with Google TV is one of the best streaming sticks (puck?) on the market and gives Roku a real competitor. And that competition is only growing, thanks to additions like HBO Max (still not on Roku), and soon Apple TV. You can use the app to watch Apple TV+ content and your purchased iTunes TV shows and movies. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Solve Crosswords and Play With Virtual Pets in New Google Smart Display Games

How-To Geek / 3h
If you’re looking for something to do in your downtime, Google says it has an answer for you with new games for its smart displays. Starting today, you can say, “Hey Google, let’s play a game” to get to a collection of word games, brainteasers, and even some virtual pet games. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Netflix Android App Now Offers Audio-Only Playback, Feature Rolling Out Slowly

How-To Geek / 3h
I’ve watched every single episode of Star Trek, multiple times for the 90s series. I don’t need to see them in order to know what’s going on, especially since it’s such an exposition-heavy show. Netflix has made a feature just for me (and several other million people): the ability to play audio-only videos, now rolling out on Android. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

The StockX megaround smells like pre-IPO money

84TechCrunch / 3h
Earlier today, TechCrunch reported that consumer reseller marketplace StockX raised $275 million at a valuation of approximately $2.8 billion. Selling a tenth of your company for north of a quarter-billion may be somewhat common among late-stage software startups with tremendous growth, but one known for its market share in the sneaker resale niche? Don’t laugh, the round actually makes pretty OK

After 9 Years, Delta Drops Draconian Award Change/Redeposit Rule

View from the Wing / 3h
Nine years ago Delta started requiring all changes or cancellations of award travel be made at least 72 hours prior to departure. If you had a last minute change of plans, you'd have to forfeit your ticket and buy a new one. If better award space opened up close to departure, you were out of luck. Delta has finally dropped the 72 hour requirement to change or cancel an award. Continue reading ..

Watch the 'Snyder Cut' (or Don't!) on an Anker Nebula Solar Projector, Now 15% Off

32Gizmodo / 3h
Anker Nebula Solar Projector | $442 | Amazon Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector | $510 | Amazon Read more...

China Airlines Downplays China With New Livery

55One Mile at a Time / 3h
It looks like we’re seeing the first concrete step towards China Airlines rebranding, as the Taiwan-based airline tries to distance itself from mainland China. New China Airlines Cargo 777 livery China Airlines Cargo has just taken delivery of its first Boeing 777F, intended to start to replace the 18 Boeing 747-400Fs that the cargo airline currently operates. As far as I’m concerned, the most in

How I Blew My Bitcoin on Sushi

Bitcoin $20 000 BTC•
400+NYT > Technology / 3h
In 2013, this reporter spent 10 Bitcoin, worth $1,000 at the time, on a dinner for dozens of strangers in San Francisco. The owner of the restaurant wisely held onto it.

How to have safer pandemic sex

Mashable / 3h
Mashable's Anna Iovine breaks down some quarantine sex hacks — because abstinence just isn't cutting it for lots of people. Read the full article here. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Sex , Safe Sex , Quarantine , and Pandemic

Texas Is Leading A New Antitrust Suit Against Google

Texas Google Antitrust•
24Gizmodo / 3h
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced on Wednesday that his state is spearheading a new antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing the tech giant of “illegally” abusing its market power to pocket money from publishers across the web. Paxton is joined by other Republican state AGs from Idaho, Indiana, Utah, … Read more...

No Flight Can Truly Be 'COVID-Free'

32Lifehacker / 3h
Delta is now offering “quarantine-free” flights to Europe , which, in a bold move they are also billing as “COVID-free.” If only it were so easy to guarantee that the coronavirus won’t be on the plane. The flights do use a testing protocol to reduce the chances that somebody with COVID makes it on board, though. Read more...

Google hit with another antitrust lawsuit

Texas Google Antitrust•
65Mashable / 3h
Read more... More about Google , Antitrust , Tech , and Big Tech Companies

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is Not As Much Fun As A Real Mustang But It's Still Good

300+Gizmodo / 3h
The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is The Blue Oval’s first-ever high-volume electric car and an important step in keeping Ford competitive as the entire industry shifts towards EVs. I just drove the Mach-E for the first time, and while I wouldn’t call it exciting, it’s a good electric crossover SUV. Read more...

Following Hyundai acquisition, Boston Dynamics’ CEO discusses the robotics pioneer’s future

100+TechCrunch / 3h
A lot can change in a year. Especially this year. For Boston Dynamics, the past 12 months have brought a number of radical changes traditionally not seen at 30-year-old businesses of its size. It’s a list that includes the first new CEO in the company’s history, wide availability of its first commercial product and, most recently, being acquired by its third owner in seven years. Of course, no on

Pokemon GO update fixes a mean Pokeball bug

SlashGear / 3h
This week the folks at Niantic released an update for Pokemon GO that fixes a sticky bug. This bug caused users’ Pokeball to stick mid-air on the screen when catching Pokemon. This latest update also fixed an issue that would cause Team GO Rocket to keep their Strange Egg instead of dropping it because the user had no more storage … Continue reading

Facebook Takes the Gloves Off in Feud With Apple

Facebook Apple 14 Ads•
300+NYT > Technology / 3h
The social network said it opposed changes that Apple was making to the tracking of apps and would provide information for an antitrust complaint against the iPhone maker.

Amazon’s Project Kuiper will seek multiple launch providers to carry its satellites to space

92TechCrunch / 3h
Amazon SVP of Devices & Services David Limp joined us at TC Sessions: Space today, and he shared some new details about the company’s Project Kuiper broadband satellite constellation. Limp shared more details on the technical design challenges that the Kuiper team solved with its revolutionary customer terminal, but he also shared more info on the company’s plans around launching its constellatio

Firefox 84's Best New Features on Desktop and Android

36Lifehacker / 3h
The latest Firefox update, version 84 , is now out for desktop and Android. While you’re updating your browser, let’s have a quick look at everything that’s new—especially critical if you’re sitting on a brand-new MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or Mac Mini. Read more...

The Air Force Just Let an AI Take Over Systems of a Military Jet

9KFuturism / 3h
Assuming Control The U.S. Air Force let an artificial intelligence take over the navigation and sensor systems of a Lockheed U-2 spy jet during a training flight on Tuesday, according to the Washington Post . The flight marks the first known time an AI has to been used to control a US military aircraft. “This is the first time this has ever happened,” assistant Air Force Secretary Will Roper told

HBO Max comes to Roku starting tomorrow

HBO Max Roku WW1 Months•
400+Engadget / 3h
Just in time for the Christmas debut of Wonder Woman 1984 , WarnerMedia and Roku have cut a deal to get HBO back on the streaming platform. You can add the channel via Roku’s store here , and according to their blog post the HBO Max app will be live as of December 17th. There’s no details mentioned on what the two negotiated for the return of HBO, but it solves a major missing item for each side

Walmart pilot will test autonomous vehicles for grocery delivery

SlashGear / 3h
Following favorable legislation recently passed in the state, Walmart has tapped autonomous vehicle company Gatik to launch a grocery delivery pilot in Arkansas. Under this pilot, Walmart will test the use of autonomous vehicles for customer grocery delivery, though the pilot will be restricted to a small region in Bentonville. It’s inevitable that the future will involve self-driving vehicles of

Computer Memory Can Be Made to Speak in Wifi, Researcher Discovers

61Gizmodo / 3h
A new theoretical exploit called Air-Fi can turn a secure, air-gapped computer into a wifi transmitter that can help a hacker exfiltrate secure data. Read more...

American Airlines adds free inflight messaging on select planes

The Points Guy / 3h
As of Wednesday Dec 16, American Airlines is joining JetBlue in offering free Wi-Fi for passengers traveling on flights with Viasat connectivity. With a notable catch. JetBlue’s has always been free , with full access to the internet, including high-quality video streaming, web browsing and more. American Airlines’ free service is a bit more limited — in that you’ll only have access to Facebook M

Leaked Meeting: Facebook Working on Device to Read Your Brain

500+Futurism / 3h
Mind Meld Facebook might be one of the last companies you want reading your mind, but that won’t stop the social media giant from trying. In a leaked company meeting on Tuesday, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer highlighted recent progress on the company’s neural interface tech, BuzzFeed News reports . The ultimate goal, ostensibly, isn’t to harvest our thoughts as yet another for

Atari VCS gets a browser surprise ahead of launch

SlashGear / 3h
Atari is currently shipping out the very first VCS consoles to those who backed the system on indiegogo, and when those backers get their units, it’ll come packing a surprise: Google Chrome. Atari announced today that Chrome is the official built-in browser of the VCS. While it’s somewhat rare to see consoles supporting a third-party browser like Chrome natively, it … Continue reading

The 10 Best Deals of December 16, 2020

76Gizmodo / 3h
Wednesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

The 10 Best Deals of December 16, 2020

76Lifehacker / 4h
Wednesday’s Best Deals | Kinja Deals

Why the Samsung Galaxy S21 may last you four years

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Google and Qualcomm jointly announced that phones packing the Snapdragon 888 could get up to four years of big Android updates.

PS5 restock update: out of stock at Sony Direct, but more may come tomorrow

77TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Sony Direct has the PS5 in stock, but even if it sells out fast, it's been coming back in stock for a short time each weekday.

Turning your PC into a Chromebook is about to get a lot easier

44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
CloudReady will become an official Chrome OS offering once Google's acquisition of Neverware is complete.

Amazon’s New Echo Dot is Already Marked Down to $30

Gizmodo / 4h
Echo Dot (4th Gen) | $30 | Amazon Echo Dot with LED Clock | $40 | Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition | $40 | Amazon Read more...

Our Favorite Comic Moments of 2020

74Gizmodo / 4h
While 2020 posed more than its fair share of significant challenges for virtually everyone working within the entertainment industry, comics in particular stood as an example of creative teams adapting on the fly—and doing their damndest to keep telling compelling stories at a time when people needed them the most. Read more...

How to Set Up Google Stadia on iOS if There's No 'App'

36Lifehacker / 4h
As you recall, Apple runs its App Store with an iron fist. And it’ll be a cold day in Cupertino before the company allows game-streaming services to have regular ol’ apps—not unless the service submits each streamable game for review by Apple, which isn’t going to happen. And you can bet Apple would want to take a cut… Read more...

Twitter will force users to delete COVID-19 vaccine conspiracy theories

Twitter Covid Vaccine•
100+TechCrunch / 4h
With COVID-19 vaccinations just beginning, Twitter will ramp up its efforts to tamp down conspiracy theories that might discourage people from getting the vaccine. The newly expanded rules apply to debunked information about the adverse effects of getting vaccinated, misleading tweets claiming the vaccine is not necessary and conspiracies that claim COVID-19 vaccines are used to “intentionally ca

Trust us, this tiny gaming laptop is really, really small – Future Blink

28Mashable / 4h
The GPD WIN Max 's screen is just eight inches but the laptop can run AAA games and has a built-in gamepad. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Video Games , Gaming Laptop , Gaming Laptops , and Gaming Accessories

Twitter will start removing COVID-19 vaccine misinformation next week

Twitter Covid Vaccine•
100+Engadget / 4h
Starting next week, Twitter will begin removing tweets that make false or misleading claims about COVID-19 vaccines . Posts that suggest vaccines can harm or control people, that make false claims about their adverse side-effects or that suggest COVID-19 isn’t real and therefore isn’t something you should get vaccinated against, will all be subject to the company’s expanded coronavirus misinforma

Privacy is the new competitive battleground

72TechCrunch / 4h
Alex Andrade-Walz Contributor Alex Andrade-Walz is Director of Marketing at Evernym , a market leader in self-sovereign identity. In November, Californians voted to pass Proposition 24 , a ballot measure that imposes new regulations on the collection of data by businesses. As part of the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), individuals will now have the right to opt out of the sharing and sale o

What makes The Expanse so great: Good science, balancing epic with personal

100+Ars Technica / 4h
The Expanse Enlarge / The Expanse returns to Amazon Prime for another epic season. (credit: Amazon Prime) Amazon Prime's epic science fiction series The Expanse is back for its fifth season. In her review last week, Ars' Tech Policy Reporter Kate Cox called it "the best [season] since its first, a long-awaited high-stakes payoff to several seasons' worth of setup," adding, "if you drifted away fr

Finally take pictures on your Apple Watch with Wristcam – Future Blink

20Mashable / 4h
Wristcam is a high-tech Apple Watch add-on that lets you set up your Apple Watch with two cameras. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Apple Watch , Camera , Apple Watch Bands , and Smart Watch

Texas announces a multi-state antitrust suit against Google

Texas Google Antitrust•
64Engadget / 4h
Texas has kicked off the latest in a slew of legal actions against major tech companies. The state's attorney general, Ken Paxton, said Texas is filing a "multi-state lawsuit against Google for anti-competitive conduct, exclusionary practices and deceptive misrepresentations." He didn't say which states were joining Texas in the antitrust suit, which will focus on Google's advertising technology

Delta finally eliminates the strict 72-hour award cancellation rule

59The Points Guy / 4h
Delta award tickets have just become a lot more flexible. That’s because the Atlanta-based carrier has now dropped its restriction on changing or canceling a SkyMiles redemption within 72 hours of departure — for all flights globally, a carrier spokesperson confirmed to TPG. This applies to all awards purchased with SkyMiles for all destinations, including those operated by the carrier’s Skyteam

India Is Building a Green Energy “Megapark” the Size of Singapore

1KFuturism / 4h
Going Green India just laid the foundations for what officials are claiming will be the world’s largest renewable energy park. The gigantic project, in the Kutch region of western Gujarat, will cover an area of 180,000 acres — an area roughly the size of Singapore, as Agence France-Presse reports . Once finished, the park will produce 30 gigawatts of electricity from both wind turbines and solar

You Can't Beat COVID-19 With Diet, No Matter What the Internet Tells You

100+Lifehacker / 4h
In the face of so much uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s tempting to search for answers that might help you regain some sense of control over your life. You might, for instance, find yourself reading the advice of self-appointed health “experts” and social media gurus, who love to make overblown and… Read more...

Watch the 'Snyder Cut' (or Don't!) on an Anker Nebula Solar Projector, Now 15% Off

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Anker Nebula Solar Projector | $442 | Amazon Anker Nebula Solar Portable Projector | $510 | Amazon Read more...

Netflix on Android rolls out new audio-only playback option

SlashGear / 4h
Have you ever wished you could just listen to a movie or TV show’s audio without having to play the video? Netflix has you covered, at least if you’re an Android user. A feature first spied back in October has now appeared in the Netflix for Android app, enabling users to fire up a show, then disable the video portion … Continue reading

Twitter will begin removing vaccine misinformation.

Twitter Covid Vaccine•
100+NYT > Technology / 4h
[no content]

China just brought moon rocks back to Earth for the first time in its history

Chinese China Moon Earth•
200+MIT Technology Review / 4h
China’s Chang’e 5 mission successfully delivered samples of lunar rock and dust to Earth on December 17. It marks the first time in 44 years that moon rocks have been brought back to our planet, since the Soviet Union’s Luna 24 mission in 1976. It’s also the first time China has ever pulled off a sample return mission. How it happened: The sample capsule landed in Inner Mongolia at a little after

How mRNA Vaccines Work

300+Lifehacker / 4h
The first COVID vaccine to be rolled out in the U.S., the one from Pfizer and BioNTech, is an mRNA vaccine. The second one probably will be too: Moderna’s vaccine is up for consideration this week. We’ve never had an mRNA vaccine in common use before, so you’re not alone if you’re wondering what the hell this… Read more...

New York Times and other US media join The Coalition for App Fairness

Engadget / 4h
Back in September, Epic, Spotify and a variety of other companies both big and small came together to form The Coalition for App Fairness in an effort to pressure Apple and Google to change their app store policies. Since then, the alliance has grown to include more than 50 members, but on Wednesday it welcomed one of its most high-profile additions yet: Digital Content Next (DCN) , a trade assoc

Amazon's custom Ka-band antenna will deliver less expensive satellite internet

100+Engadget / 5h
SpaceX isn’t the only company trying to cash in on the orbital broadband internet game with its beta Starlink service. Amazon has also been hard at work with a similar solution, dubbed Project Kuiper . This $10 billion network of 3,000-plus satellites and 12 ground stations will cover 95 percent of Earth’s population once its fully deployed. "Project Kuiper is a new initiative to launch a constel

After The Mandalorian Season 2, a Christmas Day release

SlashGear / 5h
The next making-of special for The Mandalorian will be released to Disney+ on Christmas Day. The Mandalorian Making of Season Two (aka Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian) is an hour-long movie that’ll deliver the entirety of Season 2 in behind-the-scenes form. But why, you might ask, wouldn’t this even-more-exciting season have an even-more-massive making-of special than Season 1? If you watch … Con

ClickUp CEO talks hiring, raising and scaling in the white-hot productivity space

72TechCrunch / 5h
Few young software companies have had as great a year as San Diego-based ClickUp . The company, which makes business productivity tools for task management, goals and docs, raised its first bit of outside funding in mid-2020. Just six months later, it has reached a $1 billion valuation after doubling its customer base and revenue increased ninefold as businesses embraced remote work. The new fund

The Expanse's Best Season Yet Begins With a Three-Part Thrill Ride

300+Gizmodo / 5h
The day is finally here: season five of The Expanse has begun. Since Amazon dropped three episodes at once—“Exodus,” “Churn,” and “ Mother ”—our first weekly recap is a three-parter. We tried to be succinct, but honestly, we’re excited as hell and these episodes are epic . Here comes the juice! Read more...

How to Watch 'The Muppet Christmas Carol' Online

100+Lifehacker / 5h
Every year my family follows a strict holiday watch list, including a rule that The Muppet Christmas Carol must only be viewed on Christmas day—no earlier. The Muppet Christmas Carol is Jim Henson’s take on the classic transformation story of Ebenezer Scrooge. With characters like Ganzo and Rizzo The Rat adding… Read more...

Google Stadia makes its long-awaited iOS debut: How to get streaming

Google Stadia iPad•
SlashGear / 5h
Last month, Google said that it was testing an iOS implementation of Google Stadia. At one point in the past, we thought we’d never see Stadia come to iOS, as restrictive App Store rules made launching a game streaming service technically possible but realistically challenging. Thankfully, the iOS version of Stadia sidesteps the App Store entirely, launching as a Safari … Continue reading

The latest multistate antitrust lawsuit targets Google’s ad business

Texas Google Antitrust•
92TechCrunch / 5h
Texas announced Wednesday that it will sue Google, accusing the search giant of maintaining an illegal monopoly in online advertising. Texas will be joined by Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah and Idaho, according to reporting from Reuters . The suit was first announced in a video from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and the filing is now avail

Facebook highlights small businesses as it ramps up Apple criticism

Facebook Apple 14 Ads•
100+TechCrunch / 5h
Facebook already made it clear that it isn’t happy about Apple’s upcoming restrictions on app tracking and ad targeting, but the publicity battle entered a new phase today. Over the summer, Apple announced that beginning in iOS 14, developers will have to ask users for permission in order to use their IDFA identifiers for ad targeting. On one level, it’s simply giving users a choice, but since th

Up to 3 million devices infected by malware-laced Chrome and Edge add-ons

200+Ars Technica / 5h
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images ) As many as 3 million people have been infected by Chrome and Edge browser extensions that steal personal data and redirect users to ad or phishing sites, a security firm said on Wednesday. In all, researchers from Prague-based Avast said they found 28 extensions for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers that contained malware. The add-ons billed themselves

We must be ‘streaming: Chromecast will finally work with Apple TV Plus

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
Google’s affordable new streaming device is getting Apple TV Plus, fixing one of its bigger weak spots.

Why Play With Fake Dildos in Cyberpunk 2077 When You Can Get a Real One for 50% Off?

31Gizmodo / 5h
50% off Any One Item | Adam & Eve | Use Code BONUS50 Read more...

JetBlue Elite Status Comes With Companion Pass At The Start Of 2021

View from the Wing / 5h
JetBlue was on a cost-cutting trajectory going into the pandemic. They haven't eliminated change fees the way other U.S. airlines have on non-Basic Economy fares. But they're having to turn to their loyalty program to drive bookings. And they've announced several changes that make it easier to earn elite status, and more valuable to do so. They're introducing lower qualification thresholds, sever

Awesome: New JetBlue Mosaic Companion Perk

25One Mile at a Time / 5h
We’ve seen airline loyalty programs start to announce new elite benefits and modified elite qualification requirements for 2021, and JetBlue is the latest airline to make such an announcement . JetBlue TrueBlue has announced reduced elite requirements for 2021, as well as additional perks for Mosaic members, including one particularly awesome perk. In no particular order, let’s take a look at wha

Investors Sold an Awful Lot of SolarWinds Stock Before Its Hack Was Disclosed

300+Gizmodo / 5h
In a new wrinkle in the still-unfolding SolarWinds saga, it seems that some of the company’s top investors sold off close to a collective $280 million dollars in stock just days before the news of its role in a far-reaching federal cyberattack became public. Read more...

40 GirlsDoPorn victims sue Pornhub for hosting “sex trafficking” videos

51Ars Technica / 5h
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | eccolo74 ) Forty Jane Does who say they were victims of GirlsDoPorn sued Pornhub yesterday for at least $2 million each, alleging that Pornhub hosted videos despite knowing that "GirlsDoPorn was a sex trafficking venture." The lawsuit was filed against Pornhub and Pornhub owner MindGeek in US District Court for the Southern District of California. The complaint ask

Bill Gates Invests in Hydrogen-Powered Airplane Startup

1KFuturism / 5h
Taking Off Hydrogen-powered plane startup ZeroAvia just added some heavy hitters to its roster of financial backers. The company closed its Series A funding round, in which investors including Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures and Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund gave a total of $21.4 million, Bloomberg reports . In addition, the U.K. government invested $16.6 million — all money that the comp

HBO Max has landed on PS5

HBO Max Roku WW1 Months•
67Engadget / 5h
If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 , you can now use it to watch HBO Max . The service has landed on the console ahead of the December 25th streaming premiere of Wonder Woman 1984. Xbox Series X and Series S owners have had access to HBO Max since their arrival. The service has been available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since it debuted earlier this year . Settle i

10 States Accuse Google of Abusing Monopoly in Online Ads

Texas Google Antitrust•
1KNYT > Technology / 5h
The suit focuses on the advertisements that generate a vast majority of the company’s profits.

How to pick an investor in good or bad times

100+TechCrunch / 5h
MIke Myer Contributor Mike Myer is CEO and founder of Quiq , a startup building a new customer service platform that allows customers to interact with companies via text messaging as easily as they would with their friends. In 20 years of working for startups, I’ve never seen as many plot twists and turns as I have in the last several months. Times are tough. But, from the perspective of raising

Tesla Cybertruck R/C toy delayed by Hot Wheels

26SlashGear / 5h
The Hot Wheels 1:10 R/C Tesla Cybertruck was delayed beyond its original ship date. Mattel sent emails about the project this week, suggesting that prospective buyers will need to re-confirm their orders as such. This part of the process is normal, as the FTC requires all products ordered and delayed to get reconfirmation of said order – lest that order … Continue reading

Latest iOS update shows all the ways Facebook tracks you. There are a lot.

Facebook Apple 14 Ads•
500+Mashable / 6h
Knowing Facebook tracks everything you do is one thing, but actually seeing it? Oof. Apple officially launched iOS 14.3 Monday, and with it came an update to the App Store that promises to forever change the way you look at your downloads. Now, when you pull up an app, Apple offers a detailed list of "how developers may handle your data[.]" And when it comes to Facebook's family of apps, oh, man,

Facebook pours fuel on Apple privacy row

Facebook Apple 14 Ads•
200+BBC News - Technology / 6h
A long-running row over tracking user data for ads escalates as Facebook goes on the offensive.

Kickstarter cautionary tale 'Unsung Story' hits Steam early access tomorrow

25Engadget / 6h
One of the most infamous games in Kickstarter history has something approaching a release date. After more than six years, a change of developers and too many twists and turns to count , Unsung Story is coming to Steam early access on December 17th. Along with fellow tactical RPG Project Phoenix , Unsung Story is one of those Kickstarter horror stories highlighting how awry game development can g

American Airlines Trials (Limited) Free Inflight Messaging

100+One Mile at a Time / 6h
I guess this is better than nothing? American introduces free Facebook Messenger As of today (December 16, 2020), American Airlines will trial offering free Facebook Messenger and Messenger Kids on most flights with Viasat high speed Wi-Fi . Viasat Wi-Fi is available on most mainline narrow body aircraft (it’s not available on regional jets or wide body aircraft). To connect, you simply have to d

Sabrina's Stars Didn't Know This Would Be the End, But They Hope It's 'Delicious'

36Gizmodo / 6h
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming to an end at Netflix, after two seasons divided into four “parts.” The sets have been taken down, the house exterior demolished. But star Kiernan Shipka didn’t get a chance to grab mementos from Sabrina’s bedroom —because, at the time, the actors didn’t know there wasn’t going… Read more...

Canon EOS R7 prototype rumored to be in the wild ahead of 2021 launch

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
The Canon EOS R7 is apparently already being tested in the wild ahead of a 2021 launch – but will it have an APS-C sensor?

Go Beyond Cookies and Candy With These 7 Edible Holiday Gifts

38Lifehacker / 6h
Food is a good gift, though giving it can be tricky, as—due to societal norms—most people are already getting absolutely bombarded with cookies and candy this time of year. Luckily, those aren’t your only options. There are plenty of edible delights you can bestow upon your loved ones that fall outside the realm of… Read more...

Save up to 56 percent on these DIY kits perfect for children

20Engadget / 6h
DIY kits make excellent presents around the holidays. Not only do they allow children to learn valuable skills through hands-on projects, but also they provide children with a tangible or intangible reward that makes overcoming the challenges inherent in doing something themselves worthwhile. So, if you still need to pick up a holiday present for a child between the ages of five and 13, we've got

Amazon’s Project Kuiper has developed a small, low-cost customer terminal for its broadband satellite network

100+TechCrunch / 6h
Amazon’s Project Kuiper is perhaps one of the company’s most ambitious projects yet: Building a globe-spanning broadband wireless network to deliver affordable connectivity to underserved communities. Project Kuiper has made progress this year with a key FCC approval, and now it’s also created a prototype of a key piece of hardware that will help its future customers take advantage of the satelli

JetBlue unveils Mosaic status updates for 2021, introduces companion pass

26The Points Guy / 6h
With 2021 on the horizon, airlines have been busy adjusting their elite status programs for the new year. On Wednesday, JetBlue became the latest carrier to unveil updates to the Mosaic program, and they’re pretty exciting, so let’s dive into the details. Sign up for TPG’s free new biweekly Aviation newsletter for more airline-specific news! JetBlue introduces a five-month, unlimited companion pa

Is it really worth being loyal to one airline in 2021 and beyond?

The Points Guy / 6h
I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with airline loyalty and elite status. There was once a time where I chased elite status — namely on United — religiously. I would mileage run to get to the next status tier to enjoy the free upgrades, added flexibility and other perks that come with being an airline’s top flyer. But as airline miles, elite status perks and travel in general change in resp

Waterborne Germs Sicken Millions of Americans a Year, CDC Report Finds

81Gizmodo / 6h
Waterborne illnesses like swimmer’s ear, norovirus, and Legionnaires’ disease sicken over 7 million Americans, hospitalize more than 100,000, and kill nearly 7,000 each year, a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates. The germs also rack up billions in health care costs. Read more...

If the Computer Accessory of the Year Isn't a Webcam We Don't Know What Is. Grab This Aukey One for Just $27

32Lifehacker / 6h
Aukey FHD Webcam | $27 | Amazon | Use Code QHX7A7H5 Read more...

NASA's Lunar Gateway will feature Canadian Space Agency robotics

100+Engadget / 6h
The Lunar Gateway , NASA’s outpost that will orbit the moon as part of its upcoming Artemis program , will be equipped with external robotics from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), NASA announced today . The culmination of an earlier partnership around Artemis, NASA’s first major program to bring astronauts to the moon in half a century, CSA plans to build a “next-generation” robotic arm, the aptl

New Android phones could get 4 years of OS updates

SlashGear / 6h
Android phones could commit to four years of software updates, if Qualcomm and Google have their way, aiming to address one of the lingering frustrations owners have – and one of the persistent criticisms from Apple. The two companies plan to “enhance and extend” Project Treble to make it easier for smartphone-makers to push out new Android OS updates for … Continue reading

China Just Brought the First Moon Rocks Back to Earth Since 1976

Chinese China Moon Earth•
2KFuturism / 6h
Touch Down China’s Chang’e-5 mission has officially returned with the first new samples collected from the Moon’s surface in almost half a century. The spacecraft touched down in the Siziwang district of Inner Mongolia around 1pm Eastern time, and search teams have likely already found it. Thermal camera footage shown by state media TV network CCTV appears to show the capsule sitting in an otherw

These Bugatti Speakers Will Whet Your Appetite to Eat the Rich

37Gizmodo / 6h
Ridiculously expensive speakers, headphones, and soundbars are nothing new. But there are “normal” levels of expensive, followed by the “are you serious?” levels of expensive (cough, AirPods Max ), and then there’s whatever the hell this Tidal for Bugatti collaboration is. Read more...

Google TV Plugs Its Biggest Hole with Upcoming Support for Apple TV App

56Gizmodo / 6h
The Chromecast with Google TV is simply one of the best streaming devices you can buy right now (especially at just $50), and now Google is plugging one of the only holes in its flagship streaming video device thanks to upcoming support for the Apple TV app. Read more...

Royal Caribbean to slash fleet size with departure of older vessels

The Points Guy / 6h
Add Royal Caribbean to the list of cruise lines downsizing amidst the coronavirus crisis . The world’s largest cruise brand on Wednesday said two of its 26 ships would leave its fleet for good in the coming days. The two vessels — Empress of the Seas and Majesty of the Seas — have been sold to an undisclosed buyer in Asia, the company said. For more cruise news, reviews and tips, sign up for TPG’

There’s now a Google Reader-style RSS feed for your newsletter habit

29Engadget / 7h
One issue some people are facing amid the boom in email newsletters is staying on top of all the ones they're interested in while managing their inboxes. Substack, one of the most prominent newsletter platforms, is trying to remedy that by rolling out a newsletter reader. Substack Reader , which is available in beta, already includes all of the newsletters to which you're subscribed. It's fairly

Windows 10 command line tool will help you keep track of all your storage

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Microsoft is testing out a new disk space analyzer called DiskUsage in Windows Insider builds 20277 and 21277.

Nvidia RTX 2060 and 2060 Super have reportedly been discontinued despite RTX 3000 stock issues

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Report suggests the last remaining RTX 2060 graphics cards have been shipped to AIB partners

What's New on Netflix in January 2021

83Gizmodo / 7h
For someone who spends a lot of time cursing nostalgia culture and lamenting the fact that the vast majority of new entertainment —from movies to Broadway musicals —seems to exist only to milk a little bit more money out of some valuable IP, I sure do love Netflix’s Cobra Kai . Based on the 1980s franchise The Karate Kid … Read more...

Facebook slams Apple for insisting on ad tracking transparency

Facebook Apple 14 Ads•
SlashGear / 7h
Apple is demanding apps reveal their privacy impact on users, and Facebook isn’t happy about it, with the social network taking out full-page ads complaining that upcoming tracking changes in iOS will take a toll on small businesses. The in-app tracking policy – which Apple has already delayed launching – has prompted ire between the two firms, with Facebook accusing … Continue reading

Surgeons Who Operate on Their Birthday Appear to Kill Way More Patients

500+Futurism / 7h
If you’re scheduling a surgery and you somehow find out that the operation will land on your surgeon’s birthday, perhaps consider postponing. That’s because there’s a noticeable increase in patient deaths after surgeons perform an operation on their birthday, according to research published last week in the British Medical Journal . Whether it’s because they’re distracted by upcoming evening cele

Kids Can Chat With Santa on Facebook Messenger

200+Lifehacker / 7h
It used to be that a child’s only options for personally connecting with Santa in the lead-up to Christmas were to send a handwritten letter to the North Pole or snag a few one-on-one moments at their local mall. But in 2020, even in the middle of a pandemic, kids have loads of ways to connect virtually with the big… Read more...

Pinterest says it will adopt workplace culture recommendations

80TechCrunch / 7h
Pinterest has committed to adopting the recommendations from its special committee of the Board of Directors, the company wrote in a blog post today . The committee formed earlier this year in June, shortly after two former employees, Ifeoma Ozoma and Aerica Shimizu Banks , went public with their allegations of racial and gender discrimination while working at Pinterest. The committee, which reta

It looks like another Diablo 4 class is being revealed at BlizzConline

SlashGear / 7h
Believe it or not, Diablo 4 was revealed just over a year ago, even though BlizzCon 2019 feels like it’s many years in the past after the nightmare that 2020 has been. Throughout the past year, development on the highly anticipated action RPG has been chugging along nicely, with Blizzard publishing quarterly state-of-development blog posts to show us how work … Continue reading

Can't find PS5 or Xbox Series X? It turns out you can get ray-tracing on an SNES

61TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
A homebrew modification to the good old SNES adds real time ray-tracing to the legendary, 29-year-old console

Google adds new word and puzzle games to smart displays

37Engadget / 7h
Google is adding new games to Assistant-enabled smart displays like the Nest Hub to give people something new to play in time for the holidays. The additions fit broadly into three categories. In the first one, you’ll find word games like Voice Quest. Here you’ll play as a mage that casts spells using synonyms. In another new experience called Game of Words you’ll have six letters with which you

Prime Gaming members can claim a free wintry 'Fall Guys' costume

28Engadget / 7h
Season three of Fall Guys is underway and with its wintry theme, wrapping up your jelly bean while they're diving around seems quite fitting. If you're an Amazon Prime Gaming member, you can now snag a free Winter Warmer Bundle, which includes an exclusive costume. As ever, you can mix and match the Winter Warmer outfit with all of the other skins you've collected, so you can combine a hat, scarf

How to Use Alexa's New Live Translate Mode

63Lifehacker / 7h
Amazon Echo devices can now work as your personal translator thanks to Alexa’s new Live Translate mode. Like the translation functions available from other digital assistants , Live Translate is an AI-powered feature that can recognize multiple languages as they’re spoken, and translate for both speakers. The tech… Read more...

I’m Skeptical: Australia & New Zealand Travel Bubble

38One Mile at a Time / 7h
We’ve seen many places that largely have coronavirus under control consider the concept of travel bubbles. Australia and New Zealand have done among the best jobs of keeping coronavirus under control, so could we finally see a travel bubble between the two countries? Australia & New Zealand travel bubble: coming early 2021? Australia and New Zealand have taken an incredibly aggressive approach to

Google sees major services outages two days in a row

100+Ars Technica / 7h
Enlarge / Gmail's logo. It still looks like this. Get used to it. (credit: Google) Google has been having a rough time this week with service outages. It has now had two days, maybe even three days depending on who you ask, of major downtime. On Monday, Google's authentication system went down for about an hour, taking down Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs, and most other Google services.

Google Stadia is now available on iOS

Google Stadia iPad•
100+TechCrunch / 7h
A few weeks after announcing that iOS support was on the way, Google’s cloud gaming service now supports the iPhone and iPad. As expected, the company is using a web app to access the service. Google also says that you need to update to iOS 14.3, the latest iOS update that was released earlier this week. If you want to try it out with a free or paid Stadia account, you can head over to

Vaccines Need Effective Messengers

100+NYT > Technology / 7h
How health care professionals and internet companies can help in the fight against misinformation.

You’ll now earn more miles when crediting Etihad flights to partners

The Points Guy / 7h
Etihad Airways is unique in that it has partnerships with nearly two-dozen airlines across multiple alliances. These partnerships unlock a ton of options for earning and redeeming miles on Etihad. And now, they’re becoming even more rewarding. TPG has discovered that the Abu Dhabi-based carrier made adjustments to its fare classes and is now awarding more miles for most flights. Even better, the

Is Your Honda Part of the Big Recall?

100+Lifehacker / 7h
Lettuce recalls , while common as a passing breeze these days, aren’t really that big of a deal for the general consumer unless you’ve already gobbled up a bed of contaminated romaine. Massive auto recalls are another dilemma entirely: If you’re affected by one, you’ve likely paid thousands, or signed on to a longterm… Read more...

These refurbished deals offer the cheapest iPhone 8, SE and XR prices around

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
iPhone SE, XR and 8 deals have come way down in price with in this new sale...but they're refurbished.

Google Assistant smart displays reveal expanded realm of games

30SlashGear / 7h
Today the folks at Google revealed a set of new interactive games available for Google Assistant-enabled smart displays. This move should be well-appreciated by the smart display gift-receivers this holiday season, as well as those that’ve had smart display devices sitting on their countertop this year awaiting new projects and/or activities for the deep dark of winter. Google’s latest update … C

The team behind Jumpcut and SnappyTV is building a new collaborative video tool

100+TechCrunch / 7h
Mike Folgner has had his share of success building video editing tools, having sold to Yahoo and SnappyTV to Twitter . But as he explained in a new Medium post , he still sees “unfinished business” in the video industry. “Today, most major productivity software categories have made the leap from desktop software to the web,” Folgner wrote. “Despite significant progress in web technolo

Leslie Jones live-tweeting MSNBC makes watching the news kind

57Mashable / 7h
Leslie Jones Twitter commentary makes everything better. You likely have fond memories of the actor and comedian live-tweeting the 2016 Olympics , but if you missed those tweets all you really need to know is that they were so good that they secures Jones an invite to the actual games . She also memorably live-tweeted the 2018 Winter Olympics and shared her Game of Thrones commentary with followe

The 10 best ever The Simpsons Christmas specials

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Get in the Christmas spirit in Springfield - we've rounded up the top 10 Simpsons Christmas episodes and you can watch them all now on Disney Plus.

WhatsApp rumours fear over BAME Covid vaccine take up

1KBBC News - Technology / 7h
Conspiracy theories are blamed for reluctance among ethnic minorities to take Covid vaccine.

Top Christmas gifts for artists and creatives

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
Friends with an artist or creative? Here's what you should buy them this Christmas.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: what we want to see

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 could be a real alternative to the best iPads with these changes.

Bitcoin passes $20K and reaches all-time high

Bitcoin $20 000 BTC•
300+TechCrunch / 8h
After reaching a previous all-time high on November 30th, 2020 and December 1st, 2020, bitcoin is now trading well above $20,000 and has surpassed its previous peak price. Bitcoin’s value has rapidly increased over the past two months. According to CoinMarketCap , you could buy one bitcoin for $11,500 on October 16th. As I’m writing this post, you can buy one bitcoin for $20,775.72 — it represent

Astra set up a rocket launch with five people and came within seconds of orbit

93Ars Technica / 8h
Rocket 3.2 takes off on Tuesday afternoon. [credit: John Kraus for Astra ] If we're being honest, Astra's first orbital launch attempt in September was just not all that impressive. Within 10 or 15 seconds of launching, Rocket 3.1 began to veer off course, and it had to be commanded to shut down before it flew out of its safety corridor. After the flight, Astra's leaders put a brave face on the s

Discord's screen sharing feature comes to smartphones

32Engadget / 8h
A few years back , Discord gave everyone the ability to boot up their laptop or PC, jump into a group call and share what’s happening on their screen. Now, after a period of testing , the company is bringing that same functionality to smartphones. Similar to the desktop client, you’ll be able to open the mobile app and broadcast everything that’s happening on your iPhone or Android handset. Nothi

Amazon asks judge to set aside Microsoft’s $10B DoD JEDI cloud contract win

100+TechCrunch / 8h
It’s been more than two years since the Pentagon announced its $10 billion, decade-long JEDI cloud contract , which was supposed to provide a pathway to technological modernization for U.S. armed forces. While Microsoft was awarded the contract in October 2019 , Amazon went to court to protest that decision, and it has been in legal limbo ever since. Yesterday marked another twist in this governm

The UK May Outlaw Scalping With Bots

100+Futurism / 8h
Bot Scalpers It’s nearly impossible to buy a Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 right now, nevermind sought-after GPUs like NVIDA’s GeForce RTX 3080 . And that’s in large part due to automated bots sucking up available inventories almost instantaneously, before any human is able to enter their credit card information. Resellers in control of those bots then hike up the prices considerably, selling th

PepsiCo signs on to sponsor new founder-in-residence program from M13

81TechCrunch / 8h
The budding venture studio being built inside M13 has signed PepsiCo as its first new corporate partner. Through the deal, PepsiCo has agreed to bankroll the first founder-in-residence program from the New York and Los Angeles-based firm, which poached former Techstars Los Angeles managing director Anna Barber to lead its new initiative. The initial M13 Launchpad program will leverage PepsiCo exe

PrivacyGrader is a free tool to help companies get smarter about data and disclosures

100+TechCrunch / 8h
As businesses face a complex and evolving privacy landscape, a new tool called PrivacyGrader can help them make sure they’re doing the right things. The tool was created by Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya, as part of their new data compliance and security startup Ketch . (Chavez and Vaidya also founded the super{set} startup studio ; Ketch is part of the super{set} portfolio.) “The truth of the matte

Discord will be able to screen share from iOS and Android devices starting today

Discord Android Screen•
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The super popular chat app Discord is getting a much-requested feature starting today: mobile screen sharing. As the name suggests, mobile screen sharing lets users capture and broadcast everything on their phone’s display and stream it to a group of friends. The company tells me they’ve been particularly focused on making it work well when there’s a lot of onscreen motion, allowing for things li

Good News: Bask Bank New Customer Bonus Extended, A Great Place To Park Cash

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2020 has been a hard year, but it's almost behind us. And I'm excited to start traveling again, I've been plotting out several trips for the summer and fall of 2021. I'm only booking my airfare with miles, though, because of how flexible that can be. A Bask Savings Account is a great way to earn these miles, and it's great that the new customer bonus offer has been extended. Continue reading ...

Last-minute deals on Amazon devices: Echo, Ring, Fire TV Stick, tablets, and more

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Last-minute Amazon deals include price cuts on best-selling devices like the Echo Dot, Ring Doorbell, Fire TV Stick, and more.

Hightouch raises $2.1M to help businesses get more value from their data warehouses

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Hightouch , a SaaS service that helps businesses sync their customer data across sales and marketing tools, is coming out of stealth and announcing a $2.1 million seed round. The round was led by Afore Capital and Slack Fund , with a number of angel investors also participating. At its core, Hightouch, which participated in Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 batch, aims to solve the customer data integra

Stadia on iOS Runs Like a Gem

Google Stadia iPad•
500+Gizmodo / 8h
Google officially launched iOS compatibility for Stadia via the Safari browser today. Good news if you are a Stadia and iPhone or iPad user! Just navigate to the Stadia website , log in, and off you go. Stadia’s new compatibility with iOS now puts it in the same league with GeForce Now , Shadow , and Luna , with Microsoft … Read more...

AirPods Pro Lite leak with lower price

SlashGear / 8h
A new set of AirPods leaked this week with reports converging on a lower price point. Lower than the standard AirPods Pro, that is, and far lower than AirPods Max. The price of this new set of AirPods would be higher than that of the AirPods with wired charging case, and likely on-par with the AirPods with wireless charging case. … Continue reading

AWS launches Amazon Location, a new mapping service for developers

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AWS today announced the preview of Amazon Location , a new service for developers who want to add location-based features to their web-based and mobile applications. Based on mapping data from Esri and HERE Technologies , the service provides all of the basic mapping and point-of-interest data you would expect from a mapping service, including built-in tracking and geofencing features. It does no

Lyft aims to bring fully driverless cars to multiple US cities in 2023

Motional Lyft 2023•
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Lyft has completed more than 100,000 self-driving rides in Las Vegas over the last few years . Now, the company has revealed plans to bring fully driverless cars to multiple cities in the US, starting in 2023. The Las Vegas rides have taken place with a safety driver at the wheel, ready to take over in an emergency. Motional, which is a joint venture between Aptiv and Hyundai, is Lyft's partner o

Mars’ Crust Structure Is Like a Layer Cake, NASA Scientists Say

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Onion Joke For the first time in human history, earthling scientists have analyzed first-hand data gathered firsthand about the internal structure of a planet other than their own. Thanks to data taken by NASA’s InSight Mars lander, we now know that the Red Planet likely has a three-layered crust made of different types of rock stacked on each other like a cake, according to Nature News . It’s a

Bitcoin price passes $20,000, setting new record

Bitcoin BTC 2017 000•
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Enlarge (credit: Thomas Trutschel / Getty Images News ) The price of one bitcoin rose above $20,000 on Wednesday. The new all-time record caps a year of gains for the world's most valuable cryptocurrency. The value of all bitcoin in circulation is now around $380 billion. No single event seems to have pushed bitcoin's value over the $20,000 mark. But more and more companies, institutions, and wea

IHG Extending Free Night Certificates

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IHG Rewards Club has finally announced plans to extend free night certificates that were due to expire in just a couple of weeks. How IHG is extending free night certificates Back in April, IHG Rewards Club announced that it was extending the expiration of anniversary free night certificates , issued as a benefit on IHG’s co-branded credit cards , as follows: Certificates expiring from March 1, 2

Tom Cruise Melts Down at “Mission Impossible” Crew For Not Following COVID Rules

4KFuturism / 8h
Superstar Tom Cruise has had enough of crew members breaking COVID-19 guidelines on the set for the upcoming blockbuster “Mission: Impossible 7.” In a video obtained by UK tabloid The Sun , Cruise can be heard excoriating the film’s crew for failing to maintain a safe distance distance. “If I see you do it again you’re fucking gone,” Cruise can be heard saying in the leaked recording. “We are the

Report Claims Some Models of Next Year's iPhone 13 Could Feature 120Hz Displays

65Gizmodo / 8h
One of the few disappointments with this year’s iPhones are their lack of support for displays with high refresh rates. Based on new reports, it seems that could change for at least two versions of iPhone 13 next year. Read more...

American Airlines Finally Offers Free Inflight Messaging On Most Domestic Aircraft

44View from the Wing / 8h
American Airlines now offers free inflight messaging on ViaSat-equipped aircraft using Facebook Messenger (and Messenger Kids). That means it's offered on all American Airlines Boeing 737's (including 737 MAXs), Airbus A321s, and legacy American A319s. Legacy US Airways A319s and Airbus A320s have Gogo internet and are not included. Widebody planes with Panasonic internet are not included. Contin

Apple TV is coming to Chromecasts with Google TV

Apple Chromecast Google•
96Engadget / 8h
Looks like Apple and Google are getting closer as 2020 draws to a close. After announcing that Apple Music will be available on Google’s smart speakers and displays earlier this month, the two companies are playing nice once more. The Apple TV app will be available on Chromecasts with Google TV beginning early next year, with more Android TV OS devices to follow. This integration is beneficial to

An electric RV is coming from Lordstown Motors and Camping World

Lordstown Camping World•
56Engadget / 8h
Lordstown Motors, a company that’s been focused on developing electric trucks for commercial customers, is teaming up with the RV retailer Camping World for a slew of EV offerings. Most intriguing, the companies are planning to build the first large-scale production electric RV, as Autoblog reports . Before that mythical vehicle arrives, though, Camping World will also launch a nationwide service

8 hottest electric vehicles hitting the road in 2021

25Mashable / 8h
While 2021 isn't likely going to bring the salvation we're all hoping for, it's still on track to bring us some of the biggest innovations for the next generation of electric vehicles. Almost all of the highly anticipated EVs are compact (or massive, ahem, Hummer) SUVs, following the popularity of Tesla's Model Y that came out in 2020. While an electric version of America's most popular vehicle (

Get through your next workout with these wireless Sony sport headphones

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Save $72: As of Dec. 16, the Sony WF-SP800N wireless noise canceling headphones are on sale for $128 on Amazon. Getting through a workout isn't always the easiest task (especially when you'd rather be sitting on the couch having a Christmas movie marathon), but having a great pair of headphones by your side can help. Just make sure that they won't fall out by getting a pair that's specifically de

Microsoft Authenticator gets a password manager: How to set it up

SlashGear / 8h
When it comes to keeping your various logins across the internet secure, few tools are as useful as a password manager. When combined with two-factor authentication, a password manager can really help you lock down your accounts. Perhaps it comes as little surprise, then, to see Microsoft announce that it’s bringing a password manager to its Authenticator app. Not only … Continue reading

Dash Systems raises $8M for precision-airdrops-as-a-service at distant or disaster-stricken destinations

100+TechCrunch / 8h
Now more than ever both the importance and limitations of the global delivery infrastructure are on full display. But while Amazon and others try to speed up last mile delivery using drones, Dash Systems hopes to expedite the middle mile — with military-inspired airdrops putting pallets of parcels down at their penultimate destinations, even in the most inaccessible of locations. Air-based delive

Here’s what’s happening on day 1 of TC Sessions: Space 2020

Russia 2020 NASA Space•
70TechCrunch / 8h
T-minus 3…2…1…liftoff! Day one of TC Sessions: Space 2020 , our first conference dedicated to space technology, early-stage startups and the brilliant minds forging a new era of space exploration, is officially underway. Get ready for two days of interviews, panel discussions, fireside chats and breakout sessions with the space industry’s mightiest movers and shakers — technologists, investors, f

What's New on Netflix in January 2021

82Lifehacker / 8h
For someone who spends a lot of time cursing nostalgia culture and lamenting the fact that the vast majority of new entertainment —from movies to Broadway musicals —seems to exist only to milk a little bit more money out of some valuable IP, I sure do love Netflix’s Cobra Kai . Based on the 1980s franchise The Karate Kid … Read more...

How to Sideload Apps on Google TV

Apple Chromecast Google•
How-To Geek / 8h
Google TV devices have access to Android apps and games specifically made for TVs. If you want an app that doesn’t appear in the Play Store on the TV, you can “sideload” it. We’ll show you how to do it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Microsoft Authenticator Now Doubles as a Free Password Manager

31How-To Geek / 8h
If you need a two-step authentication app that works across platforms, the Microsoft Authenticator is a pretty solid option. But now, it may be one of the most useful authenticators you can use, thanks to new Password Manager capabilities. Through a new beta, Microsoft Authenticator can sync and store your passwords across iOS, Android, and Desktop. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Apple TV makes Chromecast with Google TV one of an elite few

Apple Chromecast Google•
22SlashGear / 8h
The device called “Chromecast with Google TV” is now one of an elite few devices in the world to have access to all major video subscription services. Of course, that’ll only really interest you if you’re subscribed to or plan on being subscribed to all the major streaming video subscription services – but still! Imagine having a single dongle dangling … Continue reading

Confirmed: JetBlue Will Fly To Miami (MIA)

1KOne Mile at a Time / 8h
We’ve seen airlines really adjust their strategies as a result of coronavirus, including launching routes we would have previously never seen before. Southwest Airlines and JetBlue Airways both have a big presence in Fort Lauderdale. Southwest recently announced it would launch flights out of Miami… is JetBlue next? A couple of days ago I wrote about this rumor, and it now seems like a sure bet (

Sony's WF-1000XM3 noise canceling earbuds hit lowest price ever at Best Buy

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The Sony WF-1000XM3 noise canceling earbuds are on sale and down to their lowest price ever at Best Buy.

Wednesday's Best Deals: PlayStation Plus 2-Year Plan, Amazon Echo Dot, Melissa & Doug Toys, Yankee Candles, TCL Smartphones, Powerbeats Pro, and More

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Two years of PlayStation Plus and the Amazon Echo Dot lead Wednesday’s best deals. Read more...

The Ending of The Rise of Skywalker Gets Some Stunning Concept Art

100+Gizmodo / 9h
New visions of the ending of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker have finally been revealed. Read more...

House feeling stuffy? Our favorite air purifier is on sale for under $200.

28Mashable / 9h
SAVE $30.99: Typically $229.99, the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier is on sale at Walmart and Amazon for just $199 as of Dec. 16. You may not think of winter as peak allergy season, but between old heating systems kicking up dust/dander and weatherized windows restricting air flow, irritants are aplenty this time of year. If we may quote a track off Taylor Swift's latest quar album : 'Tis the

iPhone is now the best place to play Cyberpunk 2077 as Stadia hits iOS

Google Stadia iPad•
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Stadia is the most affordable way to play the big game, and among the most stable versions, too.

Atari VCS will feature Google Chrome as its built-in browser

1KEngadget / 9h
The long-awaited Atari VCS retro console may also end up being a decent productivity device. Atari announced today that the system will feature Google Chrome as its built in browser, allowing you to access websites and the full suite of Google Workspace apps, like Chrome, Docs and Meet, from your couch. The Atari VCS will also support most major PC accessories, which includes webcams along with t

Qualcomm's latest earbud chip is built for Bluetooth LE Audio

26Engadget / 9h
At CES in January, Bluetooth SIG announced a spin-off standard for for wireless sound called Bluetooth LE Audio (low-energy). The new framework allows two key features: native support for hearing aids and audio sharing. And, of course, the standard promises higher quality sound while using less power — all thanks to a new Low Complexity Communication Codec (LC3). This means nothing is headphone c

Endlesss brings its socially distant music collaboration to the desktop

28Engadget / 9h
The pandemic still prevents many musicians from playing together in person, but Endlesss (no, that’s still not a typo) is about to make remote production more practical. It just released Endlesss Studio, a desktop version of its music collaboration app. The Mac software is built around cloud-linked, multi-track composition hat lets you quickly build tracks alone or with others, including in live

Stadia works just fine on iOS, even without a true native app

Google Stadia iPad•
42Engadget / 9h
A big draw for video game streaming services is the ability to play on any device, any time. There’s just one problem: many of them aren’t available on iOS. (Not without a fan-made workaround , anyway.) Thankfully, that period of incompatibility is coming to an end. Starting today, you can play any Google Stadia game on an iPhone or iPad. The service is accessible through Chrome, Safari or a prog

Wednesday's Best Deals: PlayStation Plus 2-Year Plan, Amazon Echo Dot, Melissa & Doug Toys, Yankee Candles, TCL Smartphones, Powerbeats Pro, and More

72Lifehacker / 9h
Two years of PlayStation Plus and the Amazon Echo Dot lead Wednesday’s best deals. Read more...

Add Christmas to Your Hot Drinks With This DIY Candy Cane Syrup

100+Lifehacker / 9h
I love a candy cane. I love the look of it. I love the smell of it. I love the taste of it. And, while the minty bent sugar sticks make great stirring implements for hot cocoa, the easiest way to give your beverages a ton of candy candy character is to melt a whole bunch of them down into a syrup. Read more...

You can finally play Amazon Luna on Android phones. Well, a few of them

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If you own one of the following Android phones and live in the US, you can test out Amazon Luna in early access.

Qualcomm’s new chipset for wireless earbuds promises improved noise cancellation, all-day battery life

100+TechCrunch / 9h
There are now so many wireless earbuds it’s hard to keep track, but one of the reasons why we’ve seen this explosion in new and existing manufacturers entering this business is the availability of Bluetooth Audio SoCs from Qualcomm, including the QCC5100 and QCC30xx series. Today, the company is launching the latest chipset in its wireless portfolio, the QCC305x. Unsurprisingly, it’s a more power

Official 'Avengers' Artisan Keycaps Add the Power of Thor to Your Keyboard

How-To Geek / 9h
The world of mechanical keyboard customization is wide and deep, satisfying new niches with every passing week. And though Marvel movie fans aren’t particularly niche in any way, it’s interesting to see them catered to with officially-licensed artisan keycaps. The new resin caps are being sold on (formerly Massdrop) in association with Marvel. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Playing 'Cyberpunk 2077' on PC? Get yourself a nice keyboard before you start.

28Mashable / 9h
SAVE $40: One of Razer's most popular gaming keyboards is $40 off at Best Buy and Amazon . Planning on booting up Cyberpunk 2077 on your PC? First of all, good for you — the game barely even works on consoles, so you're one of the lucky ones that may actually have a smooth experience ( maybe ). Second of all, we'd like to make sure you have your gaming setup in check before you actually boot the

Honda recalls 737,000 Accord and Insight cars over a software flaw

200+Engadget / 9h
Honda is continuing its recalls over software problems . The AP reports the automaker is recalling 737,000 Accord gas and hybrid cars (from 2018 to 2020) and Insight hybrids (2019 to 2020) after discovering a glitch in the Body Control Module software. A “programming flaw” can disrupt communication between the BCM and parts of the car in the wrong circumstances, creating malfunctions for componen

Upstart and Wish price their debuts as the 2020 IPO cycle slows

84TechCrunch / 9h
Today we’re digging into the IPO pricing of Upstart and Wish, perhaps the final fintech and e-commerce debuts of the year. Both unicorns priced last night and will begin trading this morning. But first, a programming note: The Exchange will publish through next Tuesday before taking a break until 2021; the last newsletter of the year will go out this weekend. And, just while we’re here, Equity wi

GTA Online just got a whole new island

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
Rockstar adds new heists, new weapons, and a whole new play area in the game's biggest update yet.

Scaling the infrastructure in times of COVID-19

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
Challenges posed by Covid-19 mean devs and ops teams need to collaborate more than ever.

Lamborghini SC20 is a super-exclusive supercar love letter to inspired aero

One Lamborghini SC20•
SlashGear / 9h
Does your track car really need a roof, or indeed a windshield? That’s the question posed by the Lamborghini SC20 by Squadra Corse, the automaker’s newest – and among its most rare – sports car that, though legal for the road, is really intended to make its mark on the track. A one-off creation by Lamborghini’s motorsport division, it’s the … Continue reading

How to Tell If a Sports Team Name Is Actually Racist

500+Lifehacker / 9h
The Washington Football Team used to be called the Washington Redskins. The now discarded mascot endured for nearly a century—from 1933 to earlier this year. The Redskins’ moniker finally met its demise, but it took decades of criticism and campaigning from Indigenous activists to make it happen. Their efforts… Read more...

Netflix May Be Introducing an Audio-Only Mode for Listening to Shows with the Screen Off

100+Gizmodo / 9h
When I was younger I owned a handheld TV that had a mode where you could listen to broadcasts with the screen off , letting me secretly enjoy shows I wasn’t actually allowed to watch. According to Android Police , a similar feature is now being introduced for Netflix, essentially turning your favorite shows into… Read more...

Huawei HarmonyOS 2.0 “super devices” pave way for future without Google

SlashGear / 9h
The way Huawei speaks about the newest version of HarmonyOS, you’d think they didn’t need Google at all. HarmonyOS is the operating system Huawei is using to diverge away from the OS they’ve used most commonly on smartphones so far: Google’s Android. With the release of HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei’s broken past the point of “will it work” straight into “Google … Continue reading

The real Olympics were postponed, but the Mario and Sonic Olympics are in full swing

Mashable / 9h
Save $30: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is on sale for $29.99, down from $59.99 as of Dec. 16. The real Olympics unfortunately didn't happen this year thanks to COVID, but over on the Nintendo Switch, the games have been in full swing. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 lets you try your hand at different Olympic events like gymnastics, track and field, and more. As of

Block out the world with these Jabra Elite noise-canceling headphones

Mashable / 9h
SAVE $100: Perfect for music, movies, and all your work from home needs, the Jabra Elite 85h wireless noise-canceling headphones are on sale for $149.99 as of Dec. 16. It's not too late to snag Christmas gifts that will arrive on time. And we're not talking about crappy last-minute gifts — we're talking about thoughtful, high quality options that will make it to your door before Dec. 25. If you h

Flying Qatar’s Qsuite business class on the inaugural San Francisco flight

54The Points Guy / 9h
Tuesday marked a big day for Qatar Airways. The Doha-based carrier began flying to its seventh new destination – San Francisco (SFO) – since the outset of the pandemic. For U.S.-based flyers, this one was big since it’s the carrier’s ninth destination to the country . Personally, the timing couldn’t have been better, since I’d just arrived in Dubai two days before the Qatar inaugural, after flyin

How to See When Windows 10 Last Installed a Major Update

36How-To Geek / 9h
Every six months, Microsoft releases a new major Windows 10 update every six months, but Windows doesn’t install them immediately. If you’re not sure when you last updated, there are a few ways to check the most recent major update installation date. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Bitcoin Blows Past $20,000 Milestone

Bitcoin $20 000 Time•
100+Gizmodo / 9h
It’s been almost three years to the day since the price of Bitcoin was close to breaking the $20,000 ceiling and came crashing down . On Wednesday, the arbitrary milestone of hodlers’ dreams was finally achieved. Read more...

Building a self-driving car that people can trust

32MIT Technology Review / 9h
Over the past year, we’ve seen a rise in robotaxis and autonomous vehicle use. Companies such as Waymo, Cruise, and Baidu have all made strong headway as industry pioneers. In China specifically, 2020 headlines regularly featured major autonomous vehicle announcements, such as the public launch of Baidu Apollo robotaxi services in the cities of Beijing, Changsha, and Cangzhou. But despite the inc

Guess which states saw the most election disinformation in 2020

300+MIT Technology Review / 9h
On November 3, Tina Barton ran into a problem. It was Election Day in the US and Barton, a Republican, was city clerk for Rochester Hills, Michigan, a conservative-leaning community near Detroit. As her team was uploading voting results, a technical issue resulted in the double counting of some votes. The error wasn’t initially realized, but within 24 hours, it was noticed and reported to Oakland

Pornhub sued by 40 Girls Do Porn sex trafficking victims

500+BBC News - Technology / 10h
Victims allege that Pornhub's parent company Mindgeek knew of the allegations but ignored them.

Microsoft will block compromised SolarWinds app responsible for mass hack

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Microsoft will start blocking and isolating certain versions of compromised SolarWinds app responsible for part of high-profile cyberattack.

Don’t believe the Galaxy Note death rumors just yet

SlashGear / 10h
For several months now, rumors of the Galaxy Note’s demise have been swirling. Those rumors have primarily claimed that Samsung will give S-Pen functionality to other phones beginning next year, and when you consider that other devices like the the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra challenge the size of the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, respectively, it … Continue reading

Stop Breaking Your Back Shoveling Snow When This Snow Blower Can Do It For You

50Gizmodo / 10h
Tacklife Snowblower | $135 | Amazon | Clip coupon Read more...

What's Coming to Hulu in January 2021

48Lifehacker / 10h
This January, Hulu picks up more sci-fi, action-adventure, and extraterrestrial encounters to stream in the new year (since an alien invasion is the only thing that hasn’t happened yet). First on my watchlist is the awkward sci-fi comedy Save Yourselves , where a quirky couple Jack (John Reynolds) and Su (Sunita Mani)… Read more...

Stop Breaking Your Back Shoveling Snow When This Snow Blower Can Do It For You

50Lifehacker / 10h
Tacklife Snowblower | $135 | Amazon | Clip coupon Read more...

Russian Airline Aeroflot Creates “Anti-Mask” Seating Section

36View from the Wing / 10h
Would you like to sit in the Covid or non-Covid section, sir? Continue reading ...

How to Show, Hide, and Pin Teams and Channels in Microsoft Teams

How-To Geek / 10h
Microsoft Teams is great for splitting work areas into different teams and channels, but it’s easy to have far too many things in the sidebar for easy navigation. Here’s how to clean things up a bit. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

BigID keeps rolling with $70M Series D on $1B valuation

100+TechCrunch / 10h
BigID has been on the investment fast track, raising $94 million over three rounds that started in January 2018. Today, that investment train kept rolling as the company announced a $70 million Series D on a valuation of $1 billion. Salesforce Ventures and Tiger Global co-led the round with participation from existing investors Bessemer Venture Partners, Scale Venture Partners and Boldstart Ventu

Major US news publishers join the Coalition for App Fairness advocacy group to fight the ‘Apple tax’

92TechCrunch / 10h
A group of major U.S. news publishers have joined the Coalition for App Fairness (CAF), the advocacy group pushing for increased regulation over app stores and fair treatment for all developers. The publisher trade association now joining CAF is Digital Content Next (DCN), a representative for the AP, The New York Times, NPR, ESPN, Vox, The Washington Post, Meredith, Bloomberg, NBCU, The Financia

Bicycle Health, the virtual opioid use disorder therapy service, will soon be available in 25 states

100+TechCrunch / 10h
The startup opioid use disorder therapy service Bicycle Health will soon be available to patients in half the country, just three years after its launch in 2017, according to founder Ankit Gupta. A serial entrepreneur whose last company, Pulse News, was acquired by LinkedIn back in 2013, Gupta left LinkedIn in 2016 (around the time of the Microsoft acquisition) to pursue something more meaningful

Buildings Are Becoming a Huge Source of Carbon Pollution

41Gizmodo / 10h
Carbon emissions from buildings reached an all-time high, according to a new United Nations report. In 2019, buildings were responsible for 9.95 gigatons of carbon—up from 9.7 gigatons in 2018—accounting for 38% of the world’s output of the planet-warming gas. Read more...

Aeroflot Introduces Anti-Masker Seating Zone

300+One Mile at a Time / 10h
We’ve seen a countless number of people kicked off planes and even banned from airlines over mask compliance. Russia’s Aeroflot is adding another precaution to deal with anti-maskers, which I don’t think we’ve seen at any other airline. Aeroflot’s seating for anti-maskers No, during booking Aeroflot won’t ask you if you want to sit in the masker or anti-masker seating zone. Aeroflot is continuing

GoDaddy snaps up payment processing firm Poynt

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
GoDaddy will pay $320 million, plus an additional $45 million in deferred payments, to acquire payments processing firm Poynt.

Canelo vs Smith live stream: how to watch WBA and WBC title fight online anywhere

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Two world super middleweight belts on the line Saturday - follow our guide to get a Canelo vs Smith live stream and watch the big fight wherever you are.

Christopher Eccleston Has No Desire to Return to Doctor Who on TV

200+Gizmodo / 10h
Ben Wheatley ’s new sci-fi thriller sets a Sundance 2021 debut. Studio Ghibli ’s next movie finds its English voice cast. M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop are ready for more creepy baby action . Plus, a live-action Yu Yu Hakusho is headed to Netflix. Spoilers now! Read more...

What to Gift Your Kid's Teacher This Holiday Season

52Lifehacker / 10h
In the latest of the Chronicles of Things We Have to Do Virtually This Year, it’s now time to figure out how to give a gift to our kids’ teachers while still in the midst of a pandemic that has children largely learning from home. Read more...

Shorter voyages, touring restrictions: Here’s what cruising will be like when it returns

The Points Guy / 10h
We’re finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to a cruising comeback in North America. The increasingly likelihood that large numbers of Americans will be vaccinated for the new coronavirus in coming months , coupled with what is expected to be a resulting decline in case counts for the illness, is raising the odds that at least a few cruise ships could resume ope

Which Apple Watches Support Fitness+?

How-To Geek / 10h
Apple Fitness+ is “powered by the Apple Watch,” but not all Watches support it. Here’s which Apple Watch you need to use Apple’s fitness service. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

What's Coming to Disney+ in January 2021

100+Gizmodo / 10h
Last week, during an investor conference call masquerading as entertaining content (or vice versa) Disney announced an exhausting number of new Disney+ series and films arriving over the next few years, most of them having something to do with the Marvel or Star Wars franchises . The majority of those are a long way… Read more...

ZeroAvia’s hydrogen-powered vision for aviation nets $21.4 million from Amazon, Shell and Bill Gates-backed fund

ZeroAvia Amazon B. Gates•
96TechCrunch / 10h
ZeroAvia , the company that’s on a mission to move the world to zero-emission, hydrogen-fueled flight, has just received some corporate jet fuel in the form of a new $21.4 million cash infusion. The investment came from the Bill Gates-backed Breakthrough Energy Ventures and the Ecosystem Integrity Fund , which led the company’s latest round, alongside previous investors Amazon Climate Pledge Fund

Motional and Lyft target 2023 to deploy driverless robotaxi services in major US cities

Motional Lyft 2023•
99TechCrunch / 10h
Motional, the Aptiv-Hyundai $4 billion joint venture aimed at commercializing autonomous vehicles, plans to launch fully driverless robotaxi services in major U.S. cities in 2023 using the Lyft ride-hailing network. This is the first time Motional has specified a target date for its robotaxi service. And while Lyft has been a partner with Motional in Las Vegas, this is the first indication that t

A New Satellite Can Peer Inside Buildings, Day or Night

35KFuturism / 10h
A few months ago, a company called Capella Space launched a satellite capable of taking clear radar images of anywhere in the world, with incredible resolution — even through the walls of some buildings. And unlike most of the huge array of surveillance and observational satellites orbiting the Earth, its satellite Capella 2 can snap a clear picture during night or day, rain or shine. “It turns o

Southwest Airlines expands again, adds 2 more new cities

63The Points Guy / 10h
Welcome to the Southwest Airlines network, Fresno and Santa Barbara. Southwest continued its torrid expansion pace during the pandemic, making those cities the latest new dots on its ever-growing route map as it looks to strengthen its grip on California. The carrier did not specify in its Wednesday announcement when it would begin flying from the cities or to where, saying only service would com

Spotify belatedly extends Alexa podcast control outside the US

47Engadget / 11h
Americans have had the option of Alexa voice control for podcasts on Spotify since the end of 2019, but the rest of the world has had to sit tight. That creature comfort is finally reaching other parts of the world, though. Spotify has enabled Alexa control for podcasts in 11 more countries, including Canada, the UK, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and Spain. You c

Reminder: Donate to win swag in our annual Charity Drive sweepstakes

32Ars Technica / 11h
Enlarge / Just some of the prizes you could win by entering this year's sweepstakes. If you've been too busy cruising the streets of Cyberpunk 2077 to take part in this year's Ars Technica Charity Drive sweepstakes, don't worry. You still have time to donate to a good cause and get a chance to win your share of $5,000 worth of swag (no purchase necessary to win). Thus far this year, more than 400

Swipe Right: Thailand Partners With Tinder To Bring Back Tourism

View from the Wing / 11h
Thailand has re-opened to tourism albeit with restrictions such as a 15 day quarantine on arrival. People from all over the world can now travel to the country for their fix of beaches, boat noodles, and bar fines. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is working to bring back vacationers, and has launched a partnership with Tinder hoping leisure travelers will swipe right on domestic trips within th

How Do SSL Certificates Secure the Web?

24How-To Geek / 11h
SSL certificates are issued to protect important traffic between websites and users, so that attackers can’t intercept sensitive data. Let’s take a look at how SSL certificates work on the web! Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

Intel wants to reinvent the SSD and unleashes an Optane monster

Intel Optane SSD NAND•
68TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Continues to push its Optane technology to match SSDs.

How NASA Scrambled to Save OSIRIS-REx From Leaky Disaster

400+Wired / 11h
The $800 million craft successfully collected precious asteroid material from a near-Earth asteroid. Then it started spilling regolith into space.

Orwell's Animal Farm Sticks a Bit Too Close to the Book

100+Wired / 11h
Kudos to developer The Dairymen for tackling the classic parable, but a narrative focus means that players suffer the same lack of freedom as the game's characters.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro review: Sound over everything

33Engadget / 11h
I’ll be honest: Razer blew me away with its Opus headphones earlier this year. Based on my experience with the company’s gaming headsets , I knew it had some decent audio chops, but I wasn’t expecting it to build a nearly complete package for $200. Now Razer is bringing some of the features that made the Opus so great to its true wireless earbuds. With the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro ( $200 ), t

Zoomin raises $21M for a platform to make fragmented product content troves easier to use

68TechCrunch / 11h
Technical manuals and other product content may not be the first things that come to mind when you are thinking of software. But if you’ve ever found yourself in a pickle or just need some help getting something to work correctly, you know how vital they can be, and also how frustrating it can be if you cannot find what you are looking for. Today, a startup called Zoomin , which has built a platf

Capella Space now offers the highest resolution SAR imagery commercially available

80TechCrunch / 11h
SF-based small satellite startup Capella Space is now exclusively offering the most cutting-edge synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery available on the commercial market. The company has now made available 50cm x 50cm ‘Spot’ imagery – much higher resolution than the previous 1m x 25cm images that were the best available. SAR imagery offers advantages vs. other types of satellite-based observatio

Dry cleaning robotics startup Presso raises $1.6M as it shifts focus to Hollywood

200+TechCrunch / 11h
Robotic dry cleaning startup Presso today announced that it has closed a $1.6 million pre-seed with investment from Pathbreaker, AME Cloud Ventures, SOSV, 1517 Fund and YETI Capital. The Atlanta-based startup has developed a kiosk capable of dry cleaning a garment in around five minutes. Initially focused on business travelers, with plans to install machines in hotel hallways, the COVID-19 pandem

OpenSensors secures $4M for air-monitoring platform which allows offices to be more Covid-safe

100+TechCrunch / 11h
Today , the acute asthma attack of primary school-aged girl in February 2013 was ruled by a UK court to be due to air pollution. It is thought to be the first ruling of its kind in the world. Only a year after Ella Kissi-Debrah died, another mother also became concerned about the effects of air quality on her daughter’s asthma and decided to do something about it. Today, Yodit Stanton has secured

These Are the Most Ridiculous RGB Gadgets You Can Buy

40Gizmodo / 11h
Much to the dismay of my fellow coworkers, I admit I’ve got a soft spot for gadgets with RGB lighting. I prefer keyboards that light up like a disco ball (after all, you can always turn the lights off), and I pay extra to make sure that all the smart lights in my house can go full RGB instead of being limited to just… Read more...

The Best New Features and Fixes of iOS 14.3

100+Lifehacker / 11h
iOS and iPadOS 14.3 are here, and they appear safe to download. At least, I haven’t noticed any major reports of the update bugging out iPhones left and right, but it’s also still a little early. If you’re tentative, or you’re not foaming at the mouth to get your hands on some of the features it brings to your… Read more...

TPG Editor’s Choice Award for innovation by a cruise company: Royal Caribbean Group’s eMuster

69The Points Guy / 11h
Royal Caribbean Group , the world’s second largest cruise company, is known as the great innovator of the cruise industry. It’s been the pioneer of everything from interior mall areas on cruise ships to such gee-whiz deck-top attractions as outdoor water theaters and surfing simulators. So perhaps it should come as no surprise that the parent company of Royal Caribbean , Celebrity Cruises, Silver

How to Send a Recap of 2020 to Friends and Family

80NYT > Technology / 11h
Even if you’ve never done a year-end newsletter, there’s still time to squeeze in a personalized message before the calendar flips the page.

How to Add Block Quotes in Microsoft Word

20How-To Geek / 11h
Block quotes are used to indent and separate a quoted comment from your own writing. Unlike normal indents, adding block quotes in Microsoft Word requires some additional steps. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

These excellent wireless sport earbuds from Sony are 36 percent off today

73Engadget / 11h
Sony’s headphones and earbuds are some of our favorites but you’re often forced to decide if you want to drop hundreds on them or compromise a bit and save money. However, Sony’s WF-SP800N wireless sport earbuds combined a bunch of high-end features at a great price — and today Amazon has them for their lowest price ever. The WF-SP800N earbuds have dropped to $128 for today only, which is $71 off

Driverless rides on the Lyft app will expand beyond Las Vegas in 2023

Motional Lyft 2023•
54Mashable / 11h
Las Vegas has long been the only place where you can request a Lyft ride and be greeted by a self-driving car. But on Wednesday, Lyft and autonomous car company Motional announced driverless taxis will ferry passengers around more cities starting in 2023. For the past three years, self-driving BMWs with sensors and cameras on top were only available in Las Vegas as part of a pilot program. A safe

'Jurassic World Aftermath' lets you play VR hide-and-seek with a cartoon velociraptor

61Mashable / 11h
Ever catch yourself watching that fraught kitchen scene with the kids from the first Jurassic Park film and wondering how well you’d handle a face-off against a cunning velociraptor? If so, then the new Oculus Studios exclusive Jurassic World Aftermath is your chance to test those nerves of steel. “It’s about evasion,” says Brian Gomez, executive producer for Universal Games and Digital Platforms

Crestron gets a smart home tablet speaker made for your “Zoom room”

SlashGear / 11h
The office conference rooms are empty, and their expensive video calling systems sit idle: in 2020, we take our virtual meetings from home, and Crestron wants to bump up the audio quality, and the convenience. Enter the Crestron MM30-R, both a speaker system for your pick of the video calling apps, and a touchscreen tablet designed to control your smart … Continue reading

AWS CloudShell gives command-line access to the cloud from the web browser

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Users get a pre-configured shell for managing their AWS services with a single click.

Bitcoin hits $20,000 for the first time ever

Bitcoin $20 000 Time•
1KMashable / 11h
It took a while, but it finally happened: One bitcoin is currently worth more than $20,000. The number has a special significance for proponents of the cryptocurrency. On Dec. 17, 2017, after a period of intense growth, Bitcoin came within spitting range of $20,000 per bitcoin, only to crash down hard in the next couple of days, triggering a multi-year bear run that saw the price go as low as $3,

Massive Dark Storm on Neptune appears to have shed a fragment and changed direction

SlashGear / 11h
There’s a storm raging on the surface of Neptune that is wider than the Atlantic Ocean. The storm responds in the northern hemisphere of the planet and was first spied by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2018. Observations made in 2019 showed that the storm was drifting southward towards the equator of the planet. In August 2020, Hubble noticed that … Continue reading

DocuSign will now allow eSignatures via SMS

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
DocuSign is adding SMS functionality to its eSignature service, enabling users to request document signatures via text.

Huawei: Uighur surveillance fears lead PR exec to quit

500+BBC News - Technology / 11h
The former editor-in-chief of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation had worked there for six months.

You can pay $33k to live in a hotel for a year – but here are 31 even better options

The Points Guy / 11h
I’m tired of being grounded in the U.S. due to the coronavirus pandemic and I bet you are too. This pent-up wanderlust is pushing hotels to create work-from-hotel packages and it’s also fueling hype around memberships that allow you to live for a year at an aspirational hotel for a set cost. For example, last month the Anantara Veli Maldives turned heads when it offered unlimited stays in 2021 fo

How to Hide Alcohol and Gambling Ads on YouTube

65How-To Geek / 11h
Did you know Google allows you to adjust the types of ads you see on the internet? If you don’t want to see any alcohol or gambling ads on YouTube, you can opt out. We’ll show you how to do it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

These iPhone 12 and 12 mini deals on Three are the cheapest we've seen yet

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
iPhone 12 and 12 mini deals have fell way down in price recently and these are the cheapest options we've seen.

Xbox Series S stock is back at Argos and Very, but it won't last long

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
The Xbox Series S is back in stock at Argos and Very depending on your area, but it won't stick around long.

5 things I learned in my first Apple Fitness Plus workout

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
We strapped on an Apple Watch, picked a trainer, and put Apple's workout subscription service to the test.

Facebook runs full-page newspaper ads to attack iOS 14 privacy changes

Facebook Apple Ads 14•
400+Engadget / 11h
Facebook is using full-page newspaper ads to criticize an upcoming Apple policy that will give iPhone and iPad customer the choice over whether advertisers can track them. The company claims in its advertisement that it’s “standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere.” If the policy change goes ahead, it argues, these sorts of companies will be unable to find and target customers with per

Bugatti and Tidal Audio have created a new home audio system

SlashGear / 11h
French supercar maker Bugatti and German audio specialist Tidal are setting new standards in the home audio industry. Both companies are leaders in their respective fields, and ‘The Bugatti of Home Audio’ collection offers superior quality, unparalleled craftsmanship, and unmatched exclusivity. According to the press release, Bugatti and Tidal Audio “are united to strive for perfection without li

New Wave is a new European seed fund headed up by ex-Accel VC Pia d’Iribarne

80TechCrunch / 11h
Pia d’Iribarne, formerly of Accel and Stride , is heading up a new European early stage venture capital firm co-founded with French entrepreneur and investor Xavier Niel, TechCrunch has learned. Dubbed New Wave , its debut fund of $56 million was raised in just 3 months and has already begun making investments. It is said to be targeting seed and pre-seed startups across Europe but also European

StockX raises $275m Series E, valuing the retailer at $2.8b

StockX $275M Funding•
200+TechCrunch / 11h
StockX today announced its Series E funding led by Tiger Global. The $275 million funding round values the company at $2.8 billion at a post-money valuation. The company intends to use the cash to accelerate global expansion, product development, and to expand StockX’s categories. Rumors are swirling that this financing will allow the company to offer an initial public offering in 2021. Tiger Glo

Taiwanese horror game 'Devotion' won't be getting a re-release after all

100+Engadget / 12h
Devotion is coming back. Or rather, it was. Earlier today, Taiwanese developer Red Candle Games announced that its first-person horror title would be coming to on December 18th. It would cost $16.99, the company explained, and the in-game “content” wouldn’t be altered. “Thank you for your trust and support,” the company tweeted. “We wish you a happy end of the year.” But that's no longer

Cops Are Getting a New Tool For Family-Tree Sleuthing

400+Wired / 12h
Verogen’s push into public crime labs with genetic genealogy may help solve more cold cases, but it raises concerns about DNA data collection.

Southwest Airlines Adds Two New Cities, Including (A Return To) Fresno

35View from the Wing / 12h
Southwest has aggressively added destinations during the pandemic. Some, like Chicago O'Hare, because of a unique opportunity to gain access to an airport that was full prior to 2020. Others are leisure destinations where they're seeking new revenue opportunities for planes that have nowhere to go. Over the past couple of years Southwest growth has been constrained with the grounding of the MAX.

SO COOL: Canadian North Wants To Fly To Greenland

200+One Mile at a Time / 12h
Canadian North, please take my money and put me in a middle seat in the back for all I care. Okay, actually, on second thought, I’d really like a window seat for this service. This might just be the coolest airline route ever, were it to happen… Canadian North & Air Greenland to partner Canadian North and Air Greenland have signed a letter of intent to explore partnership opportunities for air se

The Best Last Minute Tech Gift Ideas

20How-To Geek / 12h
With Christmas less than two weeks away, it’s increasingly unlikely that most things you order at this point will arrive before the big day. But if you haven’t done your holiday shopping yet, don’t worry—there are still plenty of things you can buy. In fact, we gathered up a solid list of last minute techy gift ideas and stocking stuffers. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

How to Use DB Browser for SQLite on Linux

How-To Geek / 12h
DB Browser for SQLite lets you view and edit SQLite databases on Linux. You can design, create, and edit these database files, and peek inside the inner workings of other applications. Here’s how to use this SQLite GUI. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Why I’m canceling trips now after traveling the last several months

300+The Points Guy / 12h
After staying on the ground pretty close to home from mid-March until early-July, little by little over the summer my family started traveling more broadly once again. I wasn’t back to collecting passport stamps or hopping on a plane every week or two but from July to November, I went to Disney World ( twice ), rented beach houses ( twice ), went early-season skiing in Colorado and finally headed

Creativity has no bounds with Acer’s ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Silent but Powerful

Windows 10’s next update could pop up earlier in 2021 – but you might be disappointed

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
It’s looking like Microsoft is going with another minor update, even though the last one was a small upgrade too.

How to watch Muppet Christmas Carol online: stream the full movie anywhere

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Michael Caine is Ebenezer Scrooge in Brian Henson’s beloved reimagining of A Christmas Carol. Here's how to watch Muppet Christmas Carol online today.

Smarty has released the UK's cheapest unlimited data SIM only deal at £15/pm

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Smarty's SIM only deals offer the cheapest unlimited data SIM we've ever seen at just £15 a month.

Volkswagen Group will retain Lamborghini and Ducati

SlashGear / 12h
The Volkswagen Group owns a number of very well known brands, including Lamborghini, Ducati, and Bugatti. For a while, Volkswagen was considering spinning off some of those brands, but that won’t happen for at least two. Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati and Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini have been confirmed to be staying within the Volkswagen Group. Bugatti’s future is unknown at

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H CPU destroys predecessor and could worry Intel in leaked benchmark

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
A Geekbench score has emerged for the AMD Ryzen 7 5800H that should worry Intel.

This new Google Photos feature turns your snaps into 3D cinematic images

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Google Photos has revealed a nifty new feature that automatically turns your stored snaps into moving 3D images.

Year in review: In 2020, OTT platforms came of age in India

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
It took a pandemic to unlock the value of OTT platforms in India as home entertainment became the need of the hour. We review the path that this industry took over 12 months.

Cyberpunk 2077 devs promise to patch out the game's ‘distracting’ amount of phallic objects

100+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Cyberpunk 2077 is set to cull the amount of phallic objects players will encounter in Night City, after developer admits they're 'distracting'.

Uber fined over withholding sexual assault records

300+BBC News - Technology / 12h
The taxi app firm argues releasing the information would be a violation of victims' privacy.

UK supreme court rules Heathrow third runway can go ahead

The Points Guy / 12h
Heathrow’s third runway made headway toward becoming a reality this week. On Wednesday, the U.K. supreme court overturned a February judgment that ruled the third runway illegal . With Wednesday’s overturned decision, the third runway project can now seek planning permission. However, all is not certain, as the ultimate completion of the runway is still a long way off. Sign up to receive the dail

The Morning After: We reviewed the new M1-powered MacBook Pro

55Engadget / 12h
From Zoom to Quibi , the tech industry saw some companies rise to the occasion in 2020 even as others flamed out. Engadget editors have created their list of 2020 winners vs. 2020 losers , and after a year that felt more like a decade, maybe we remembered some that you’ve forgotten. Stadia probably won’t surprise people with where it ended up, but foldable phones popping up on both sides of the d

Thunderbolt NVMe SSDs will no longer cause Windows 10 blue screen of death

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Microsoft has removed the Windows 10 safeguard hold used to prevent compatibility issues for users of Thunderbolt NVMe portable SSDs.

5G network growth is already far outpacing 4G across the world

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
5G is already the fastest growing mobile technology in history, analysts say.

Fujifilm and IBM create new magnetic tape with 580TB capacity

55SlashGear / 12h
All the data that people worldwide and companies store on the cloud has to be backed up somehow. For a long time, the backup medium of choice has been magnetic tape, and IBM thinks that will continue to be true for decades to come. IBM says that t