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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

No Agenda Newsletter-1400th Show!


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Show 1400

A Podcasting Milestone

Dear Producer,
Tomorrow marks show 1400. That’s 1400 shows without once doing a rerun or skipping a show (yes, we are working on next Thursday’s Thanksgiving). With shows nowadays that run around three hours each with no commercials and no government or corporate messages, you get honesty and integrity as your No Agenda Show dismantles and deconstructs the biased mainstream news unlike any other media property.

It has become a foundational podcast of infinite importance on the media landscape. The value for value (V4V) model employed by No Agenda is groundbreaking and important. It was developed by religious institutions and employed early on by public broadcasting to near perfection when suddenly they all veered toward a form of advertising called underwriting, hoping nobody would notice its corrupt nature. That was the end of their objectivity. In all of broadcasting, podcasting, netcasting, etc. only the V4V model eliminates base corruption in public discourse and gives you honest news analysis.

That’s what No Agenda has done for over 14 years and now 1400 shows.

Help us celebrate with a show 1400 contribution of any amount. All donations over $300 will be listed under the show 1400 Special Executive Producer. This is the perfect time to say thank you and show your support for what is being done and how it is being done. Click here.
NO AGENDA is Genuine Independent Media.
Banner of recent show art
(Side note: 1400 is an Angel Number. Read about it here.)
Enjoy some of the best cover art over the past decade. And consider what things would be like without No Agendathe best podcast in the Universe.
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
Old show art
The above is just a sampling of the many artists who created for your No Agenda Show in the past. We'd like to thank them all and those who are not shown here. You can expect more highlighted art in future newsletters. Also thanks to Paul Couture for the Art Generator.
John C. Dvorak
& Adam C. Curry

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