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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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Kids Getting Unnecessary Shots

Biden Blues
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Tomorrow's Show
It looks as if the medical community is going full speed ahead with its vaccination of little kids who rarely get Covid, but the thinking goes, “Why taker a chance?” This borders on insanity especially with how the media plays up the breathless parents who claim relief and say that they cannot wait to give their 5-year-old the shot.

Prediction. They will attempt to go lower than 5 years old and make the shot a pediatric shot for babies. Why not?
CDC chart showing child death rates
Wait, what?
Biden's Back

Biden returned from a G20 confab and the talk-fest called COP26. Upon arrival he learned that the solid blue state of Virginia voted in a Republican governor basing the campaign on education and parental input regarding educational direction. This means a direction away from indoctrination which most parents who are not staunch socialists find distasteful.

Biden sleeping in meeting
Biden thrilled to be at COP26
Mandate Schmandate

The vax mandates are getting a lot of unreported pushback, the most interesting of which is the LA County Sheriffs Dept. The department employs 16,000 people and the Sheriff knows he’s going to have to fire around 3000 people putting the populous county at risk of a crime wave which he’ll be blamed for. He’s smart to buck the mandate.

Screen shot about mdates
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