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Sunday, November 14, 2021

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Athletes Dropping like Flies

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Special Report
Because Covid vaccine data is obscured if not hidden from view nobody can prove with certainty that the vaccine is dangerous. There are theories and there is the haphazard VAERS database of adverse effects. The public is of two minds: “Give me the shot now, dammit, let me cut in line to get it” or “hell no.”

Take, for example, the many reports of sudden deaths of athletes. Healthy men on the soccer field, for example, who just keel over dead in the middle of a game. Because of the mainstream media pandering to the vaccine suppliers to protect their conduit of cash coming from big pharma, you cannot tell if these incidents are unusual or common. After all there has always been the story of the undiagnosed high school athlete dropping dead from a heart attack long before Covid was in the discussion.

So here is a collection of recent headlines of top athletes just dropping dead left and right. Is this a function of vaccine side effects? Or just a normal day in the life of an athlete. These reports are never fully investigated and never will be, so we see a lot of supposition from everyone.

As long as the news media is nothing more than a cheerleader for the government and government edicts, it’s pretty useless insofar as informing the public of anything. Of course, if the government is represented by a Republican then the media pushes back on everything and becomes a mouthpiece of the Democratic Party opposition. It’s quite shameful

So are these stories a warning or an exaggeration taken from a larger context? Enjoy.
Tweet about Dead athletes One
Tweet about Dead athletes ywo
Tweet about Dead athletes Three
Tweet about dead singer
News clipping about Sadecyu
Tweet about Dead athletes Five
Tweet about Dead athletes Six
Tweet about Dead athletes seven
Tweet about Dead athletes eight
Tweet about Dead athletes Nine
News clipping about Rhoden
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